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Maximize the profitability of your rights

Manage all your contacts, submissions, contracts, permissions and payments in a single system

Extremely flexible and highly configurable, the Biblio suite supports academic and trade publishers with a comprehensive end-to-end solution for managing submissions of interest, advances, contracts, subsidiary rights income and third-party permissions for any type of physical or digital product.

Maximize rights revenue with automated payment tracking, chasing and notification of expired rights, so that your rights can be renewed or resold without losing any time. Identify unused rights and aid future sales opportunities with a centralised and coordinated system for recording submissions of interest and rights sales. Strengthen your negotiation position and increase profitability, using centralised and easily reportable rights information.

Integrated DAM and Royalties

Even more powerful when integrated with Virtusales' digital asset management solution, BiblioRoyalties and the Royalty Portal

  • Store digital contracts and content against contracts, subright deal records and permissions

  • Group content into bespoke bundles and allow customers to browse, request and download safely and securely

  • Combine with BiblioRoyalties to manage the increasingly complicated royalty rules, calculations and payments

  • Benefit from Biblio's advanced, high-speed royalty calculations and the ability to process partial, daily runs on-demand

  • Streamline the delivery of your royalty statements with Virtusales' secure online Royalty Portal


Fritz Foy,

 Executive Vice President, Macmillan Publishers

Macmillan identified Virtusales as an IT partner that understands the complex world of publishing and are able to supply the most flexible integrated rights and royalties system.

​Becky Hemperly, Director of Contracts, Rights and Royalties, Candlewick Press

The self-service capability has been amazing, with approximately 60-70% reduction in some areas in time spent with people asking for information on contracts, rights and other administrative data.

Tibor Kujis,

IT Director, Overamstel Uitgevers

It has proved to be an essential addition to our internal workflow for registering and maintaining rights sales and chasing statements, payments and other relevant information.

Dan Wackrow,

CFO, Harvard
University Press

With Virtusales, we have found a scalable, yet integrated Royalties and Rights solution that will put us in better negotiating positions with authors as well as improving our overall service to them. It’s a win-win situation.


Features and benefits

  • Scalable, integrated and flexible

  • Strengthens your negotiating position using centralised and easily-reportable rights information

  • Provides accurate and speedy reporting

  • Improves confidence and enables better decision-making

  • Improves overall service to authors

  • Saves time generating contracts, creating rights catalogues, chasing payments and managing expired rights

  • Ensures relevant permissions are cleared and permission requests are responded to appropriately

  • Includes contact management for contributors, publishers, agents and payees

  • Integrated digital asset management to store contracts and digital files, royalties and royalty portal

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