Sophisticated Workflow, Secure Storage

BiblioDAM is a sophisticated workflow solution for managing, sharing and distributing digital assets, helping to maximise the revenue from your IP.  It combines the need for robust control of IP with the complex day to day collaborative working practices of a publishing house.

BiblioDAM gives complete control of your assets, from print files to contract storage, from marketing materials to jacket images. Powerful tools ease the management of digital assets; assets can be locked for editing, access controlled at various levels, and different versions held within the system allowing users to revert back to previous files at any time.

Save time and money by completely removing the need for FTPs, couriers, and lengthy file uploads, and save huge amounts of costly server storage. Send and receive assets from suppliers within the BiblioDAM system, and distribute digital content and metadata to retailers or your website.

BiblioDAM can be implemented as a standalone system, which provides you with a secure and flexible way to manage your assets. Integrated with Biblio3 or BiblioLIVE, users can take advantage of the seamless integration with title data, in-depth reporting, streamlined workflow and automatic application of metadata.



Workflow Tool

Aids collaborative working on both print and digital products with notifications, asset locking and approval functionality and version control.

Metadata an ONIX

Automated deliveries of high quality ONIX 2.1 and ONIX 3 feeds maximise online discoverability.

eBook Distribution

Store ebook files and distribute to aggregators and retailers. Option to integrate with DRM system.

Content Sharing

Unique invite feature removes the need for FTP and enables third parties to download and upload assets directly into BiblioDAM via a quarantine area.

Sales Tool for Licensing

Upload assets to subright deals or third-party rights and store scanned contracts.

Rights Management

Invite customers to browse files in a secure environment and request selection and download.

Now we can find and re-use materials easily.


Peter Blunt,

Publishing Services Manager, Egmont

Key Benefits

Control and manage assets throughout their economic life

Save time and money with improved asset organisation

Maximises IP to generate greater revenues

Removes need for separate systems or for costly and fragile interfaces between

title information and digital asset management

Ability to add fully integrated modules including Production, Rights, Royalties, Business

Intelligence and DAM