BiblioFORUM 2019 Round Up 


On Thursday 4th July Biblio users and members of the Virtusales’ team gathered at the Faber and Faber Creative Spaces in Bloomsbury House to discuss all things Biblio.  

We would like to thank all the customers who were able to make it on the day, these events are a fantastic opportunity to meet Biblio users from across a wide spectrum of experience and publishers, and collect the invaluable feedback that drives our continual development. The BiblioFORUM also offers customers the chance to gain a more in-depth understanding of how our business is evolving, and the ways we are working on improving and developing the software itself.

Chris Harvey welcomes attendees to the BiblioFORUM

The afternoon kicked off with an overview of the past year both for Virtusales and for the publishing industry in general. Chris Harvey, our Chief Commercial Officer, noted that the Virtusales development team has, over the past year, clocked up over 20,000 hours of development and released eight updates. Additionally, the company is delighted to have acquired 16 new customers from across the globe in the last year, meaning that the Biblio suite now has users in 15 different countries.


Chris commented, “We believe the broader our client base becomes, both geographically and in terms of market sector, the richer the functionality will grow as Biblio is developed to support a wider range of publishing practices and processes.”

We believe the broader our client base becomes, both geographically and in terms of market sector, the richer the functionality will grow as Biblio is developed to support a wider range of publishing practices and processes.

Chris Harvey, CCO,

Virtusales Publishing Solutions 

The first item on the agenda was an overview of the latest and upcoming release highlights, presented by former Biblio user turned Virtusales Project Manager, Vicky van der Luit. Looking back over the past twelve months of releases, Vicky covered the highlights from Yttrium and Zinc up to the Europa and Fortuna release which was going live in the UK that very weekend. 

Virtusales were delighted to welcome customer and Biblio extraordinaire, Tibor Kuijs, as our guest speaker for this year's forum.


As IT Director at Overamstel Uitgevers, Tibor (fondly known within his company as ‘Tiblio’) shared his best practices for maximising the use of Biblio through data integration, discussing how his company has employed Biblio’s comprehensive and adaptable database to feed external systems, sales aggregators and business analysis.

Tibor Kuijs discusses Overamstel's use of ONIX feeds

Project Manager James Arcos continued this theme with a look at some of the best tools for getting data in and out of Biblio, highlighting functionalities that offer huge time-saving benefits through bulk data management, such as Group Bulk Copy, Google AutoCrat and the Submissions Uploader tool. 


The BiblioFORUM audience were also treated to a refresh on some ‘oldies but goodies’ identified by the Tracker team as the most useful, and most frequently neglected, functionalities.


As a long-standing member of the Virtusales Support Analyst team, Liliana De Almeida was very well posed to present her top ten tips and presented a ‘bonus sneak peek’ of a much-anticipated functionality coming soon in the Hydrus release.   

Liliana De Almeida presents the Tacker team's top ten tips

The afternoon ended with a look at the future of Biblio, with our Lead Technical Architect, James Lovett presenting the latest Biblio Roadmap and giving an insight into just some of the working practices that Virtusales are implementing in order to take our best-in-class solutions to the next level. James touched on the company’s direction in terms of technology strategy, APIs and continued development on dashboards. Finally, James presented a prototype of the brand new Biblio user interface, which we’ll be fine-tuning and rolling out over the next year. 

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If you weren't able to join us at the Faber and Faber offices this year, or would like a recap of the content, you can find slides and videos of all presentations here, in the Customer Corner area of our website.

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