Advanced, Comprehensive, Versatile

The Bibliographic module lies at the heart of the Biblio suite of software, providing a single, central repository of high quality title information, generating high-quality metadata feeds that can be shared with suppliers, retailers and customers, and automatically update AI sheets, websites and catalogues.

It enables publishers to capture advanced title information securely, efficiently, easily and accurately in a single integrated database and then make use of this data through ergonomically designed screens, real time reports and data out feeds as content is tracked from pre-acquisition to publication.

The Bibliographic module provides a central store for all specification information related to a project. It creates, validates and sends ONIX feeds as well as storing and processing jacket images and barcodes. The system can handle point-of sale and non-book products, e.g. packs, e-books, DVDs or a series, and includes stock list and catalogue management.

Bibliographic Highlights

Book and Non-book

Non-book products, synchronisation between records, automatic ISBN allocation, industry standards and price templates.

File and Document Storage

Store documents, images and eBook files against product records and include them in ONIX feeds using a digital packager.

Sales and Marketing

Automatic title information sheet generation, copy approval, catalogue production, event and promotion planning and award management.

Metadata and ONIX

Easy management of high quality feeds, validation wizard and ONIX ingestor, with no need for third-party aggregators.

Contact Management

Management for all people, organisations and lists. Manage campaigns and send orders from Biblio to suppliers.  

Unique Grouping Functionality

Allows creation of title groups for a huge range of projects and tasks, from temporary working groups to groups of series' or subject categories.

We reviewed a number of options for achieving our goals, including re-developing existing systems and purchasing an off-the-shelf solution. Virtusales provided us with more benefits along with a much greater depth in functionality


David Bremser, IT Director, Candlewick Press

Key Benefits

A single, central location for all data, where it can be easily shared, updated and repurposed

Time and cost savings

  • Greatly reduced data entry duplication

  • Title information sheet creation

  • Automated catalogue template population

  • Automated ONIX and metadata feeds

Maximised sales and online searchability with enriched metadata

Improved efficiencies through processes and workflows

Powerful reporting engine

Ability to add fully integrated modules including Production, Rights, Royalties, Business

Intelligence and DAM