Deeper Analysis, Better Decision Making

BiblioIntelligence is a fully integrated solution providing complete, real-time sales figures alongside rich bibliographic, marketing and financial information in a single system. It takes advantage of the wealth of title data already stored within your Biblio3 or BiblioLIVE system.

This combination of existing title data and up-to-date sales information allows you to quickly compare sales and spot key trends and patterns, resulting in deeper analysis and better decision making, quickly and without the need for any technical expertise.

Use real-time sales data to make fully informed acquisition decisions, negotiate better rights deals and reinforce existing author relationships. Visualisation tools and analytics help spot trends and patterns and reveal hidden insights in just a few simple clicks.

Conduct detailed post-mortems when combined with print management, rights management and royalties, to see the full financial picture for any project. Using trustworthy sales data and reported trends, Business Intelligence will quickly improve operational performance and enable you to start forecasting with much greater accuracy.




Ingest sales files automatically or upload manually on an ad-hoc or regular basis and view in real-time.

No Technical

Expertise Required

Interrogate your data through the familiar, user-friendly Biblio suite interface.

Fully Integrated

Compare estimated print costs and acquisition predictions with actual sales and pull through rights deals and royalty information.

Visualisation Tools

Toggle between different views and data, and overlay multiple charts on the Interactive dashboard.

Scenario Analysis

Compare similar titles, slice-and-dice and conduct post mortems.

With BiblioIntelligence, all of our sales are consolidated in one place and I can break them by customer, channel, format and category over time, so that we can monitor different aspect of our sales operation in great detail.


Jacob Stevens, Managing Director, Verso Books

Key Benefits

Better decision making based on complete, real-time data

Compare sales and spot key trends and patterns

Make fully informed acquisitions, negotiate better rights deals and reinforce existing

author relationships

Improve operational performance and forecast with much greater accuracy

Interrogate data in a familiar user interface, requiring no technical expertise