Centralised Production for Company-wide Visibility

Biblio’s Production module enables complete control of all production costing, estimating, scheduling and management for the full range of books, journals and digital products.

The Production module holds detailed production information, maintains complex costings and schedules for all product types, raises purchase orders, manages suppliers and monitors internal workflows, all from within one central system.

To support easy operation, the module is template driven and can be configured by users to cost, schedule and manage any type of book or other product (such as toys, games, etc.) with the added flexibility that templates can be manually adjusted to accommodate variances. Templates mean that costings can be quickly assembled without repetitive data-entry.


Powerful production reporting allows users to schedule and generate recurring reports including those to track production schedules, delivery reports, purchase order reports, overarching publishing programme scheduling, individual impression/printing critical paths, and user specific task list creation.


Specification Management

Stores detailed specifications for all products to use in costings, linked to schedule dates, and displayed on POs and requests for quotes to potential suppliers.

Financial Planning

Title appraisal, risk assessments and post mortem reporting, sales and royalty forecasting, advances and rights income.

Schedule Management

Manage workflows for the entire range of product types, highlight key dates, automatically populate date stages and assign

Safety Testing

Record testing progress and store certificates against each printing to ensure important documentation is always readily available.

Cost Management

Manage costs for a single title, series or project together. Supplier scales and profit and loss reporting.

Purchase Ordering

Create purchase orders for all stages of a title’s life, from pre-press to final print and conversion orders.

A big advantage of the system has been the scheduling and reporting capabilities for production. [...] We expect the increased efficiency and productivity provided by using Biblio will allow us to meet our objectives of continuing to acquire new journals.


Diana Pesek, Journals Production Manager, PSU Press

Key Benefits

Better control of print schedules, supplier workloads and purchase ordering for all types

of products

A single, secure repository for all production information

Dramatic reduction in time spent keying in data to purchase orders, with information

automatically output into predefined, task/activity specific templates

Increased visibility of suppliers used on projects, and apportioned spend

Ability to cost in local currencies

Improved visibility of financial costs associated with any given project

Flexibility to view calculations, estimates and profits at a glance