Designed with Complex Deals in Mind

BiblioRoyalties is an advanced, highly configurable and flexible royalty system specifically designed for the publishing industry, supporting diverse business processes and evolving to manage the increasingly complicated royalty rules, calculations and payments for digital and physical products.

The system can complete high-speed calculations using the latest multiprocessor technology, producing royalty payments with flexible calculation rules and rates across bindings, markets and discount bands for escalating royalty rates and handling high-returns automatically.


BiblioRoyalties supports multiple currencies, international tax, automatic handling of returns, complex payments and comes complete with comprehensive user securities to control access to all areas of the system.

When combined with the full Biblio suite, the Royalties module contributes to a complete and in-depth financial picture of your publishing projects.



Advanced, High-Speed

Royalty Calculations

Process the most complex royalty calculations, including; combining products and rules for sales escalation, calculate retentions and refunds, and offset earnings.

Integrated Royalty and Payment Ledgers

Full support for multiple publisher-based ledgers, both for royalty earnings and payment reconciliation.

Partial, Daily and

On-demand Runs

Display accrued earnings,

show the effect of contractual changes, and check warning logs and ex-royalty reports daily.

Easily Accessible Statements

Royalty statements are preserved in-system for ease

of reference. Printable statements created on demand.

Stakeholder Updates

Easily share accurate and timely information with stakeholders, relating to titles, contributors and beneficiaries.

Fully Integrated Modules

Provides non-royalty staff visibility of royalty information reducing the number of queries.

Aggregate and View

Sales Data

Import and view daily sales feeds from multiple disparate sources, in different formats and currencies.

Macmillan identified Virtusales as an IT partner that understands the complex world of publishing and are able to supply the most flexible integrated rights and royalties system.


Fritz Foy, Executive Vice President, Macmillan Publishers

Key Benefits

Improved decision making with accurate and up-to-date information

Accurate and timely statements and payments

Increased visibility of financial information

Improved data accuracy with inbuilt validation and verification

Time savings processing and preparing statements

High-speed calculations on demand to support the increasingly complicated contract,

licence and royalty rules

Support for head contracts, subrights contracts and sub-licensed contract deals