BISG Rights Program Looks at Rights Management Success Stories

Virtusales attended the BISG Rights Program in New York, which focused on the benefits gained by improving the way we manage rights across the supply chain.

The Book Industry Study Group's rights program was held in New York on the 7th September, with a focus on the benefits gained by improving the way rights are managed across the supply chain. The agenda had some exciting talks and speakers lined up and included a panel on Rights Management Success Stories, where publishers discussed the benefits and significant ROI gained from investing in rights management software systems.

Publishers Weekly attended the event and published an insightful summary of the day, which highlighted this panel and the thought provoking discussions that arose from the session. Click here to read the article in full.

The panel discussed how rights management software has enabled publishers to transform their back office departments into revenue generating profit centres, and included Jeffery Corrick, director of permissions at Penguin Random House, Paulette Goldweber, manager of copyright and permissions at John Wiley, and Becky Hemperly, Vice President of Contracts, Rights and Royalties at Candlewick Press.

Becky spoke about Candlewick's early adoption of Virtusales' BiblioRoyalties Contracts, Rights and Royalties software and explains how Biblio3 has allowed for better management of acquired rights and strengthened her negotiation position with authors, illustrators and agents.

To read more about Candlewick's experience using Virtusales' Biblio3 system as a fully internationalised, single unified publishing system, take a look at their case study.