Empower Your Staff With the Bigger Picture


Fully integrated, accessed through a single user interface, BiblioIntelligence offers joined up, real-time sales data and deeper analysis of your titles than other intelligence system.

Analyse Sales, Manage Inventory, Improve Forecasting
The Biblio suite’s fully integrated BiblioIntelligence module utilises existing title data to provide an in-depth financial picture of your IP. Use the Biblio reporting tools to pull through any key customer or title data from elsewhere in the system and create bespoke outputs for analysis and further manipulation, all without the need for technical know-how or costly interfaces.

Manage your inventory and improve operational performance by quickly identifying those areas of your list which are under or over performing, and then adapt accordingly to maximise profitability.

Better insight into your inventory and sales will not only save money on excess stock but locate and maximise new revenue streams. All of this can be used to improve author relationships and negotiate better deals based on real-time sales data.

With BiblioIntelligence, all of our sales are consolidated in one place and I can break them by customer, channel, format and category over time, so that we can monitor different aspects of our sales operation in great detail.


Jacob Stevens, Managing Director, Verso Books



On-the-Fly Forecasting and

Scenario Analysis
Compare similar titles to forecast likely sales of frontlist and backlist titles. Slice and dice daily, weekly or monthly accrual sales figures to compare data by work, groups of editions, customer, sales channel, market, or any range of title or company filters. Carry out comprehensive post-mortems on single editions, entire works or groups of titles to inform future acquisition decisions.

Visualisation Tools and Analytics
View sales by units and value, against returns for user-defined periods of time and groups of titles on an interactive dashboard. Toggle between different views and data, and overlay multiple charts with the same axis such as sales figures for different editions or customer groups. Filter sales by specific customers or sales groups and add trend lines.

Bespoke Analysis Groups

Group titles together for focused analysis, based on series, lists, discount, front/back list, publication dates or categories such as BIC codes, season, regions, imprints. Alternatively, groups can be role-based focusing on a specific author or editor, or customer-based looking at key accounts or groups of customers such as home, export, supermarkets, online retailers, etc.

Integrated with the Biblio Suite

Integrating sales data with the Biblio suite enables a wealth of existing title and customer data to be reported on and analysed, in conjunction with the real-time sales data. Compare estimated print costs and acquisition predictions with actual sales and revenue. Pull through rights deals and royalty information to see the full financial picture for one or more titles.

No Technical Expertise Required  
BiblioIntelligence uses the same interface and reporting tools that users are familiar with. As a result, users can instantly start analysing and interrogating data, without the need for extensive formal training.

Real-Time Sales Data

Ingest sales files automatically or upload manually on an ad-hoc or regular basis. Once uploaded the Sales Edit facility can be used to manually update sales and the in-built validation tool can be used to identify validation issues.

Integrated Reporting

Schedule reports to run automatically or use the intuitive user interface for complex ad-hoc requests. Extract data in real-time, combining title and customer information with sales data in a single report and export to external sources for further analysis and manipulation.