Complete Contact Management

Integrated automatically across the entire Biblio suite, comprehensive contact management enables you to store all of your contacts centrally and link them to their associated roles, titles and tasks.

Manage All Contacts in a Single Place
Store your contacts centrally, for full and easy contact management. Import all contacts and contact databases quickly with a batch update and upload tool.

Manage your workflows and publishing processes with ease, assigning roles, tasks and responsibilities to each of your contacts in the system. The Biblio suite’s powerful reporting tool makes it easy to manage supplier workloads, contributor schedules, author events, prospective submissions and royalty payments.

The Biblio suite has the capacity to meet the requirements of all departments within a publishing house. Create mailings and lists of interests; manage payment and account information for contracts, rights and royalties teams; and store delivery details and warehouse requirements, all from one central location.



Associate Contacts with Files

Quickly provide company-wide visibility of all those involved in

a project, by assigning roles to contacts, from booksellers and venues involved with author events and signings, to the suppliers employed in the production of a title.

Campaign Management

Easily group your contacts and titles into mailing lists within the Contacts area. Quickly build campaigns, print mailing labels and manage lists of interest.


Manage People, Organisations

and Lists

Store all internal and external contributor, beneficiary, supplier

and retailer accounts, with all the necessary associated information. Assign people and organisations to titles and tasks throughout the

Biblio suite.

Send Out Orders from Biblio

to Suppliers

Supplier management is simple. Send purchase orders, request quotes and share assets directly from the Biblio suite. Report on supplier loads and manage your distribution of work with Biblio’s powerful reporting tool.