Create, Store, Distribute

Comprehensive tools to manage the creation and distribution of all your digital content, with integrated scheduling and rights management for complete control.

Benefit From a Single, Central System to Manage Your IP
The Biblio suite’s robust Digital Asset Management system aids the control and distribution of digital content throughout its economic life. Generate more income and save time and money with no more costly servers or labour-intensive file distribution.

Support communication and workflow between in-house staff and external suppliers, using the built-in file sharing tools alongside automatic version control. Store important documentation such as head contracts and safety certificates, with easy search and preview functionality that removes the need to download and duplicate files. Distribute your digital assets from cover images to eBook files to websites and external partners, with automatic redistribution of files when changes are made.

‚ÄčNow we can find and re-use materials easily.


Peter Blunt,

Publishing Services Manager, Egmont



Storage for All Assets and

File Types

Capable of handling any file type, enabling publishers to incorporate new formats and product types quickly, easily and without lengthy compatibility issues. For example, convert between Microsoft Office and open source file types.

Powerful Workflow Tools

Powerful and integrated tools aid the digital production process and management of digital assets. Files can be locked, with asset statuses controlling access, and different versions are held so users can revert to previous versions at any time.

Automatic Pick Up and Organisation of Assets 

Digital assets can be automatically uploaded from users’ computers and shared drives and then assigned to the relevant bibliographic record within Biblio3 and BiblioLIVE.

DRM Encryption

Integrate with Digital Rights Management services, such as Adobe Content Server 4, to wrap ePub and PDF eBooks with

Adobe’s DRM.

Scalable Storage

The built-in de-duplication functionality reduces the total storage space used, and increasing your storage capacity can be done quickly and easily when the need arises.

No Need to Key in Metadata

Information stored in Biblio3 or BiblioLIVE automatically feeds into BiblioDAM removing the need to

re-key metadata, as is required by traditional DAM systems.

Robust Asset Sharing with

Third Parties

Avoid FTP with the unique invite feature enabling third parties to download and upload assets directly via a quarantine area, using a secure and robust transfer method.


Comprehensive scheduling for digital assets. Automatically update schedule stages when assets are uploaded or downloaded for a smoother workflow.

Maximise Revenue from Your IP

Allow external parties to browse selected assets in a read-only format. Access can be time banded and is great for Sales, Publicity and Rights departments who can provide greater visibility of assets to strengthen sales opportunities, without compromising the security of the IP.