See the Full Financial Picture

Combine all costs and revenue streams from every aspect of your business to see the complete financial picture of your projects.

Deeper Insight for Improved Decision Making
The Biblio suite facilitates deep, granular financial analysis, as well as wider reaching comparative forecasting across titles. From the initial pre-acquisition stage, accurate predictions can be made in just a few clicks. Rich title and financial information is captured throughout the development and production phases, storing a snapshot of each sign off stage for future reference and post-mortems.


When integrated with BiblioRights and BiblioRoyalties, these predictions can be quickly substantiated against actual revenue and expenditure. BIblioIntelligence collates real-time sales data, providing better insight and improving future decision making. 



Title Appraisal and Forecasting

The New Acquisition Wizard enables users to evaluate print runs, costs and income revenue for potential projects in just a few clicks. Integrated Business Intelligence and Inventory Management enable informed forecasting by using similar titles and their real-time sales data to predict future trends.

Risk Assessment

Built-in risk assessment features ensure your projects stay on track. Set your own target Gross Margin or Profits to be met, and view warnings wherever titles fall below target. Run bespoke reports to focus on titles that require further financial attention, from low margins to high unit costs and spend in certain areas.

Monitor Advances, Earnings

and Royalty Payments
Monitor unearned author advances, rights income and royalty payments. Use the Biblio suite’s powerful reporting to assess royalty payments and author earnings, to make informed decisions about future advances.

Rights Income

Integrated rights income provides a complete and accurate picture of the revenue created by your content. Permissions, submissions and interest can be recorded, to create a whole commercial picture and spot trends in different territories to inform future decisions.

Profit and Loss Reports

Profit and loss reporting is available for single titles and entire projects. Group together different products for the same title, or a whole range of titles to analyse the overall contribution and margins made on a series or pack. Interactive costing matrix quickly compares profits across a range of retail prices and print quantities.

Post Mortem Reporting

Compare estimated sales, costs, rights and royalties income alongside real-time data. Quickly see where titles have out-performed, or where projections have not yet been met. Using key sign-off stages, build a clear picture of financial and specification changes throughout

the course of a title’s life.