Harvard University Press Turns to Virtusales for Hosting Services


Harvard University Press (HUP) has decided to outsource its Biblio systems management to Virtusales.

After considering the financial and operational cost of running its on-site data centre, HUP turned to its trusted partner Virtusales to deliver the complete Biblio solution.

Dan Wackrow, Chief Financial and Operating Officer at Harvard University Press explained, “The decision to outsource provides Harvard University Press with significant cost savings and secure anytime/anywhere system access for its employees and partners. It allows us to focus our limited resources on publishing and not on hardware and hosting.”

Biblio is mission critical to our publishing program, and now that Virtusales is managing the complete solution, we can focus our attention on publishing the world’s best scholarly content. For HUP, this represents a strategic change, consistent with a global shift toward outsourcing.


Dan Wackrow, Chief Financial and Operating Officer at Harvard University Press

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