High-Quality Feeds, Tailored to Your Retailers

Share high-quality metadata via ONIX and bespoke feeds tailored to meet the individual requirements of multiple retailers, aggregators and distributors quickly and easily.

Manage Your Own Metadata
With the Biblio suite, you can bring all of your ONIX and metadata needs in house, creating high-quality, rich data feeds, which can be quickly and easily sent out to multiple retailers. Feeds can be completely automated, so you can relax in the knowledge that your metadata is always as up to date as possible and that your authors are benefiting from maximum visibility online.

Managing and validating your metadata is made easy with our ONIX Wizard. This interactive tool quickly pinpoints incomplete data for each recipient, enabling you to enrich all of your title information with ease.

Eliminate the need for expensive third-party aggregators and take advantage of our highly configurable ONIX feed management, which gives you complete control of the information that is fed out to retailers. Each feed can be tailored to suit the requirements and preferences of each recipient.

Support your data with digital content and send eBooks, digital content and images directly to retailers alongside your regular ONIX feeds.

We have gained a week’s worth of staff time in the sending of metadata to our distributors alone, and has allowed us much more flexibility in updating prices, reviews and awards information to both our distributors and our website.


Bonnie Russell, Technical Project Manager,

Wayne State University Press



High-Quality, Rich ONIX Feeds

Supporting both ONIX 2.1 and 3.0, Biblio’s ONIX feeds capitalise on the huge wealth of title data housed in the core central database. High-quality and data-rich feeds can be sent out automatically, maximising your titles’ discoverability online.

Easy Metadata Management

Managing your metadata becomes simple, with tools in place to send single feeds to multiple recipients, schedule feeds to run automatically, and to issue log reports for all feeds. Tools to store keywords increases metadata for discoverability online.

Eliminate the Need for Third Parties

Save money on aggregators and third parties by dealing directly with your customers. As well as the cost saving, bringing your ONIX feeds in-house gives you complete control over your data and how it is distributed.

Full Support for Industry Standards

Virtusales are members of EDItEUR, the creators of ONIX. Code lists are updated and new versions are loaded into the Biblio3 and BiblioLIVE systems as standard and at no additional cost.

ONIX Ingestor

Use ONIX feeds for title creation with the ONIX ingestor. From ongoing sales and distribution agreements to acquisitions, the ingestor can quickly import large numbers of titles into your system, using industry standards to ensure complete and accurate title data in import.

Validation Wizard

The Biblio suite’s ONIX Wizard enables easy completion of title information, with both mandatory and optional title data validated. The interactive tool allows you to easily pinpoint missing metadata and correct it.

Share Digital Content

Store and distribute your digital content using the Digital Packager. Distribute your eBook files, cover images and more to retailers, alongside your automated

ONIX feeds.