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Introducing the new Biblio

The next generation of Biblio by Virtusales is the most advanced suite of publishing software for optimizing workflows.


What is the new Biblio?


Following the biggest technological upgrade of the Biblio suite, the new Biblio ensures the system remains cutting-edge, is able to support the evolving needs of its customers, and continues as an industry-leading publishing solution for the next 20 years and beyond. It will be rolled out to client publishers throughout 2021, with minimal disruption and at no additional cost, delivering the most advanced publishing system available.

Featuring a brand new, intuitive user interface with a range of dashboards to improve user experience and increase productivity, the new Biblio also offers better connectivity with external parties and your existing systems landscape, all powered by the latest Microsoft and Google technology.

Why Choose Biblio




The new, award-winning Biblio uses the latest frameworks and technology from Microsoft and Google to deliver the most advanced suite of publishing software, capable of supporting the evolving needs of its customers now and in the future.



Fully supporting any saleable product from physical books to digital content, journals, merchandise and licenses, the new Biblio provides best-of-class solutions for publishers and content providers using ISBN and non-ISBN identifiers.



The menu-style approach allows publishers to focus on a specific workflow and choose from the collection of tools and solutions that can be easily integrated into an existing systems-landscape or 
alternatively, implement the entire Biblio suite.


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