NYU Press Select BiblioLIVE to Streamline Publishing Processes

New York University Press has selected BiblioLIVE to streamline their publishing processes and enhance internal communication.

  • BiblioLIVE to provide a single system and source of information which can automatically update Corsource and Supadu website when data changes

  • New system to eliminate need for offline spreadsheets and decrease duplication of data entry  

  • BiblioLIVE to greatly enhance interdepartmental communication

  • NYU Press to benefit from simplified processes from ideation to project completion

New York University Press (NYU Press) were previously managing its bibliographic data and production schedules through a modified distribution system. As unsupported, standalone solutions, these systems were not able to adapt to NYU Press’s growing requirements and industry changes. The Press was unable to roll its publishing processes  into one coherent system, and its acquisitions process involved external spreadsheets, adding to the lack of consistency and clarity around projects.

NYU Press will benefit from using best in class publishing software along with best practice workflows allowing them to focus on publishing. We are excited to bring such a prestigious publishing press on as a customer.

Rodney Elder, Executive Vice President, North America, Virtusales

The introduction of BiblioLIVE as a single, centralised database will allow NYU Press to roll its publishing processes into one comprehensive workflow, from pre-acquisition to project completion. It will also benefit from BiblioLIVE’s cost estimating and tracking functionalities, which provide scalable, accurate production costs and greater financial visibility across the publishing programme.

The centralised repository of data will deliver significant time-savings and efficiencies through managed workflows and the eradication of unnecessary work duplication. In particular, NYU Press can look forward to greatly enhanced interdepartmental communication and clarity on project progression through BiblioLIVE’s commenting functionality.

Through automated, customisable data feeds, NYU Press will save precious time and be able to ensure accuracy across its distribution network, including seamless integration from BiblioLIVE to CoreSource and ACUMEN, and a direct feed into its new website provided by Supadu.

With BiblioLIVE we will be able to better manage our publishing process, and avoid the errors that come from maintaining information across several different systems.


This will allow us to focus on our primary goal of publishing outstanding scholarly work.


Ellen Chodosh, Director, NYU Press

Why Virtusales

  • Centralised database provides single, accurate store of information

  • Integration tool enables automated feeds to Coresource for distribution and ACUMEN for royalties

  • Accurate and trackable cost estimates throughout the production process

  • Project acquisition proposals hosted within BiblioLIVE

  • Streamlined workflows frees up time and focus for content production

About New York University Pess

A publisher of original scholarship since its founding in 1916, New York University Press is a department of the New York University Division of Libraries. Working across the humanities and social sciences, NYU Press has award-winning lists in sociology, law, cultural and American studies, religion, American history, anthropology, politics, criminology, media and communication, literary studies, and psychology.

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