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Revolutionize your publishing experience with BiblioSuite for scholarly and academic publishers

Renowned scholarly and academic publishers, from university presses Harvard, Oxford, Princeton and Pennsylvania, to scholarly giants Sage and Bloomsbury, utilize BiblioSuite software throughout their publishing processes to streamline and automate their teams’ workflows, manage their data more effectively, and disseminate their content across multiple channels—bringing untold benefits and efficiencies to their businesses globally.

BiblioSuite is the system of choice for university presses and beyond.

Why Choose BiblioSuite?

  • Best Practice Workflows: Working with leading academic and scholarly publishers, we understand your unique challenges and have tried and tested solutions to fit into your complex systems landscape—spanning the entire publishing lifecycle from acquisitions and product management, through production, marketing and rights, to royalty calculations, inventory management and sales analysis. BiblioSuite simplifies, streamlines and automates your publishing workflows so you can focus on what matters most: publishing exceptional content.

  • Effective Data Management: We provide the tools you need to create, manage and store your IP, product metadata and assets effectively—all within a single system, ensuring accuracy and consistency across departments and throughout your publishing lifecycle. Centrally manage, synchronize and report on all your publishing formats in BiblioSuite (from books, journals and articles, to Open Access publications, e-books, audiobooks and digital platforms) to increase visibility of and access to your content internally, track and report on your funders and grant applications, save staff time and resources, and foster collaboration company-wide.

  • Multi-Channel Distribution: Amplify the impact and reach of your content and files across various channels with ease. BiblioSuite seamlessly and securely integrates with your distributor, streamlines the peer review process, and automates the supply of tailored ONIX feeds and assets to meet each of your business partners’ individual requirements—bettering relationships with authors, editors and reviewers as well as third parties and platforms in order to maximize sales, and ensuring the timely supply of your most up-to-date metadata and files whilst eliminating the potential for human error.

  • Enhanced Reporting: Leverage our powerful analysis tools to access valuable performance insights across multiple channels. BiblioSuite can effortlessly track and report on your contracts, rights and permissions, royalties, inventory and sales—enabling streamlined P&L creation and informed decision-making at each stage of the product lifecycle to maximize revenue from your IP. Moreover, BiblioSuite expedites the end-to-end peer review process, accelerating manuscript submissions as well as tracking progress, reviewer assignments and feedback received—enhancing your overall productivity.

  • Publishing Expertise: Embedded in the industry, Virtusales’s team of publishing experts are key players in the academic and scholarly publishing sector. Our commitment to staying at the forefront of industry trends and developments reflects our dedication to continually enhancing BiblioSuite to meet the evolving needs of publishers worldwide. Furthermore, our latest functionality is released to customers as an inclusive upgrade, at no additional cost—giving you access to the latest cutting-edge technology without the burden of implementation costs or drain on internal resources.

  • Adaptability and Scalability: Our modular application allows you to tailor the BiblioSuite system to your evolving business needs. Whether you want to implement the entire suite or gradually roll out specific solutions, BiblioSuite gives you complete control, ensuring that your budget aligns with your goals.

Customers utilizing Biblio around the world

BiblioSuite's influence in the scholarly publishing sphere is expanding rapidly. Our recent partnerships with leading university presses Edinburgh, Ohio State, Illinois, Ohio and Wilfird Laurier, and scholarly publishers including Sage, Universal Write Publications and Mohr Siebeck, highlight our growing global footprint, while existing customers including university presses Columbia, Georgia, Mississippi and NYU, as well as Kogan Page and Gottmer, continue to extend their use of our solutions to meet their evolving requirements.

Experience Efficiency Like Never Before

BiblioSuite isn't just a software; it's a solution that revolutionizes your daily publishing operations. With over 300 successful implementations to date, BiblioSuite is a critical tool for publishers looking to navigate the complexities of modern publishing in an ever-evolving digital world.

The evidence speaks for itself:

  • Penn State University Press reported a remarkable 69% year-on-year increase in journal output as a direct result of BiblioSuite's transformative workflows.

  • Oxford University Press chose BiblioSuite to create a unified global publishing system, implementing financial modeling, cost management, purchase ordering and scheduling solutions to streamline its production processes across multiple countries; achieving unprecedented efficiency and data synchronization companywide.

  • Fordham University Press streamlined its acquisition process and publication planning, utilizing BiblioSuite's intuitive, personalized dashboard screens and digital workflows to share product data and information companywide—fast-tracking the decision to publish.

  • Harvard University Press successfully centralized and streamlined its editorial, digital asset, production, contracts, rights, and royalties workflows to enable better decision-making; securely store and distribute its product data, assets and files; and enhance its negotiation position with, and overall service to, authors and stakeholders.

  • The University Press of Mississippi recorded a 300% increase in online sales in the first year after implementing BiblioSuite, and achieved over a 1000% increase in website sales in the past year.

  • Kogan Page implemented BiblioSuite across its product metadata, production, contracts, rights, and royalties workflows, and has now chosen BiblioSuite Digital Asset Management (DAM) to seamlessly deliver print-ready PDFs to print-on-demand (POD) providers as a part of their zero inventory strategy.

  • Bloomsbury utilizes BiblioSuite for its title management, production, contracts and rights across both its academic and trade divisions—including the publishers it regularly acquires.

If you’d like to learn more about our professional community and the ways BiblioSuite software can support your publishing house to achieve its goals, contact us today.

“Harvard has found the Holy Grail of publishing solutions with the fully integrated Virtusales system. Virtusales is an exceptional partner for us, and would be for any publisher, because it is continually developing and implementing new, fully integrated software modules and publishing-specific functionality.”

Dan Wackrow, CFO, Harvard University Press

“BiblioLIVE has provided us with an integrated, centralized and transparent house database that anyone within our teams can access and get information from. Most importantly, Biblio has unified our workflow throughout the press, reducing replication of information between departments and giving us greater flexibility about how we prepare our data.”

Fredric Nachbaur, Press Director, Fordham University Press

“You're not just buying a system for today, but for the future.”

Martin Klopstock, Digital and Operations Director, Kogan Page

“We are delighted to be joining BiblioSuite’s accomplished community of university presses and are eagerly looking forward to the efficiencies, enhanced project tracking, quality metadata and time-savings that BiblioSuite will give us.”

Beth Pratt, Director, Ohio University Press

“Before choosing Virtusales, we looked at a number of publishing systems by many of Virtusales’ competitors. We chose BiblioSuite not only because we’re confident its solutions meet all our current and future business needs but because we were blown away by the Virtusales team’s flexibility and professionalism. We’re excited to partner with Virtusales and can hardly wait for our system’s imminent go live.”

Dr. Ayo Sekai, CEO & Founder, Universal Write Publications

“Our selection of BiblioSuite signifies a new, strategic beginning at Ohio State University Press. We needed a modern, intuitive, forward-thinking system that would support both our books and journals workflows, and facilitate communication internally across all departments. BiblioSuite was certainly the right choice for Ohio State and we’re excited to see the impact the system and its streamlined processes will have on our productivity and bottom line.”

Tony Sanfilippo, Director, Ohio State University Press


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