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University of Illinois Press adopts BiblioSuite to unify its publishing workflows

The logo of the University of Illinois Press, showing their icon - a black circle with 3 prominent leaves representing its 3 campuses in Urbana, Chicago and Springfield - and the university's name in bold, capital letters and black font to the right of the icon, situated across two lines.

We’re thrilled to announce that the University of Illinois Press, a leader in humanities and social sciences publishing, has chosen BiblioSuite to unify its publishing operations and boost its efficiency across the business. With a view to modernizing its systems landscape and streamlining its digital workflows, the Press has embraced BiblioSuite as its fully-integrated hub and single source of truth for all its products—encompassing books, journals and Open Access publications.

The University of Illinois Press has chosen a broad range of BiblioSuite workflows including Acquisition Management for P&Ls, peer review and contract creation, Product Management, Production, Digital Asset Workflows, Contracts, Rights and Permissions to manage and track its publishing processes. Biblio provides the University of Illinois Press with a scalable solution that will consolidate all its publications and support future growth. The system will enable the Press to manage and track its workflows across departments, synchronize its data to reduce duplication, and increase transparency companywide.

Acting as a centralized repository for all its title information, digital assets and documentation (including contracts), BiblioSuite will enable the University of Illinois Press to:

  • Increase flexibility by storing new data points and product types as the Press’ business needs evolve;

  • Store and convert assets within the system, with automatic version control, enabling staff to sync files with product records and production files, and access them from anywhere in the system;

  • Modernize its production workflows, helping the Press’ teams to conserve time, money and resources;

  • Streamline data exchange between the Press’ website and with third parties including its distributor, Chicago Distribution Center, and retailers; and

  • Fully track subsidiary and permissions requests to increase the Press’ sales and maximize revenue from its IP.

The comprehensive BiblioSuite system is poised to revolutionize the University of Illinois Press’ workflows, increasing the visibility of, and access to, its data and assets across all teams. Adopting Biblio will enable the Press to reduce dramatically the time spent searching for data across multiple systems and databases; to eliminate human error; and put an end to duplicate data entry and asset storage—paving the way for a more efficient, collaborative and future-ready publishing landscape with BiblioSuite at its core.

We are very excited about the capabilities of BiblioSuite to streamline our publishing processes, support collaboration, and elevate our tracking and reporting capabilities. This is a watershed change that will energize and transform the daily and long-term work of the Press and all of our staff.

Laurie Matheson, Director, University of Illinois Press

We’re pleased that the University of Illinois Press has chosen BiblioSuite to enhance and modernize its publishing processes. It’s great working with the project team who can clearly see the benefits of the integrated software they are implementing across the business.

Rodney Elder, EVP, North America, Virtusales Publishing Solutions

About the University of Illinois Press

The University of Illinois Press supports the mission of the University of Illinois through the worldwide dissemination of significant scholarship, striving to enhance and extend the reputation of the university.

Through its publishing programs, the Press promotes research and education, enriches cultural and intellectual life, and fosters regional pride and accomplishments. The Press serves the university as a source for scholarly publishing knowledge and standards. As an innovator in the scholarly publishing community, the University of Illinois Press diligently pursues the best and most innovative technology to meet the needs of its readers.

About BiblioSuite

BiblioSuite is the most advanced suite of publishing software for optimizing workflows. It empowers publishers by enabling them to manage all their products—from books, journals and articles, to Open Access publications, eBooks, digital platforms and beyond—in a single system. Being content-led, the system allows publishers to fully utilize their IP and maximize their income (regardless of the publishing formats chosen).

BiblioSuite is proven to help publishing houses of all shapes and sizes to save time, reduce duplication of efforts and increase access to key information and documents company-wide. The only difficulty after implementing will be deciding what to do with the time you’ve freed up!

By choosing the BiblioSuite’s comprehensive system, your publishing house will be able to:

  • Manage multiple formats including books, eBooks, audiobooks, journals, OA publications, packs which include non-book products, merchandise and more;

  • Easily maintain high-quality metadata and enhanced ONIX feeds;

  • Create costings and schedules for production;

  • Raise purchase orders within the BiblioSuite system;

  • Manage submissions, advances, subsidiary rights income and third-party permissions;

  • Generate and authorize contracts with software that enables full rights management;

  • Handle complex royalty calculations and payments, using multiple currencies and generate statements on demand;

  • Improve operational performance, save money on excess stock, and spot new revenue streams;

  • Manage contacts, marketing and publicity in a single, comprehensive and integrated system;

  • Share review copies and reading samples digitally and securely with integrated digital asset management and distribution;

  • And much, much more.

Find out why you should join our growing community, and see what our client publishers have to say about BiblioSuite on our website: Publishing software for university presses.

About Virtusales Publishing Solutions

Virtusales is the creator of the industry-leading BiblioSuite publishing software. Working with some of the world's leading academic and scholarly, trade, children’s and novelty, educational and professional, content and licensing, and religious publishers—including Penguin Random House, Bloomsbury Academic, Kogan Page, Sage Publications, the World Health Organization, CABI and university presses: Oxford, Harvard, Princeton, and many more—Virtusales is streamlining ​publishers' workflows and bringing efficiencies to their business processes with innovative software, exceptional service and a collaborative approach.

Our leading-edge, web-based technology, rapid development cycle of new functionality and close working relationships with our customers ensure that our client publishers are able to manage and adapt to the industry's challenges more efficiently, now and in the future.

Find out more here or contact us for further information.


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