Centralised Production for Company-Wide Visibility


Capitalising on the Biblio suite's accurate and reliable information, this feature offers increased financial visibility and full control of print schedules, supplier workloads and purchase ordering.

Control Costs, Manage Suppliers and Maintain Schedules
Produce accurate and detailed print information, maintain complex costings and schedules for all product types. Raise purchase orders, manage suppliers and monitor internal workflows, all from within one central system. Carry out thorough financial analysis from pre-acquisition through to publication and subsequent reprints.

When combined with BiblioIntelligence, sales can be quickly compared against costs to evaluate spending decisions made. Alternatively, use the BiblioDAM functionality to store all of your print files, safety certificates and delivery instructions against the relevant printing for quick reference in the future.

Moving to Biblio was an enormous productivity gain for our editorial and production teams.


Nikko Odiseos, President, Shambhala Publications



Specification Management

Store every detail of a project’s specification, such as extent, dimension, print quantity, paper and finishes. Link specifications directly to costs and feed through details to the relevant purchase orders as required. Build using templates, create different profiles for different product types for a more bespoke user interface.

Quote Requests

Capitalise on the detailed specification information by raising quote requests for new projects. Send out key specification information directly from Biblio to your suppliers and request quotes for the work. Store the quotes received and add any internal notes for further review.

Reflowable Scheduling

Using templated workflows, automatically schedule all of your printings from an initial date stage or to run towards a publication date. Use intuitive functionality to automatically record tasks as finished when linked processes have been completed in the system. Keep control of schedules by reflowing dates to allow for delays, or catch up date stages to create more time further on.

Sales and Royalty Forecasting

Make clear and accurate sales and royalty predictions which are incorporated into profit and loss reports for full financial visibility. Define predicted discounts and returns for different sales regions or customers, and assign royalty rates by region or discounts for any contributors. Quickly assess how contributor advances will be affected by the sales predicted.

Direct Deliveries

Organise multiple deliveries to various locations from within the system. Add delivery instructions as standard and include details or delivery splits on purchase orders. Additionally, record actual deliveries against quantities ordered to aid inventory and stock management.

Safety Testing

Manage your safety testing from within the system, record testing progress and store certificates against each printing to ensure important documentation is always readily available. Use the powerful reporting tool to collate Safety Test information quickly across a range of titles.

Supplier Scales Management

When supplier scales are integrated within the module, it becomes possible to automatically produce an accurate cost estimate for a title within just a few clicks. Set expiry dates on your scales where relevant, work with multiple currencies and apply percentage cost increases or decreases to scales if needed.

Quick and Simple Data Entry

Use fully customisable templates to create bespoke profiles that will completely suit the specific requirements for printed titles, ebooks, journals, packs and more. Save on timely and error-prone data entry, with automatic copying of specifications for reprints, synchronising co-printing specifications and configuring defaults for common data.

Organise your co-print and co-edition printing easily. Link costs to automatically pro-rata print costs and account for savings on press. Combine print specifications and schedules as needed, and raise just one purchase order for all titles printing together.

Purchase Ordering for Pre-Press

and Print
Create purchase orders for all stages of a title’s life, from pre-press to final print and conversion orders. Use the default purchase order templates with customised information or create your own for more bespoke order types.

Simple Printings to Complex

Multi Co-Editioning
Whether entering costs manually or taking advantage of built-in supplier scales, costs can be built quickly and managed with ease in the Biblio suite. Capable of working with any currency, simply input costs directly from supplier quotes without having to worry about conversion rates. Complex co-editioning and co-printing costs can be quickly created, and multiple calculation types are catered for.