Reaktion Books Choose Virtusales' BiblioLIVE Publishing Software


Reaktion Books have chosen Virtusales’ fully hosted BiblioLIVE publishing system to manage all aspects of their publishing processes.

About Reaktion Books

Founded in 1985, Reaktion originally focused on the fields or art, architecture and design. In recent years Reaktion’s list has broadened substantially, and now also encompasses animal studies, Asian art and culture, biography, cultural studies, current events, fashion, film, food history, geography, general history, music, philosophy, photography, politics, sports history and travel writing. Reaktion now produces around 90 new titles each year, and has about 700 titles in print.

Reaktion Books were looking for new publishing software that would allow them to centrally store all title information and replace their current system of title management, which relied on using multiple Excel spreadsheets.

Their key requirements for a new software system included the ability to generate ONIX feeds to reduce the time currently spent managing and sharing metadata with distributors, customers and retailers, and to bring efficiencies and time savings to the schedule management and royalty calculation processes.

The BiblioLIVE suite’s integrated ONIX scheduling, flexible royalties module, and schedule management throughout royalties, production and title management has more than satisfied these requirements. Virtusales are confident that the BiblioLIVE implementation will generate immediate and noticeable efficiencies in Reaktion Book’s metadata management, scheduling and royalty processes.

Reaktion Books will be taking all core modules as part of their BiblioLIVE implementation.