Powerful, Flexible and Integrated Reporting

Enable users to build their own reports with no technical expertise or

third-party tools.

Create, Store and Automate Meaningful Reports
The Biblio suite’s reporting runs efficiently and like no other publishing system. Complete with fully integrated real-time reports to handle every publishing requirement, and providing complete control to create your own bespoke reports with truly meaningful data.

Schedule reports to run regularly and automatically deliver by email to internal or external contacts. Produce reports in a range of outputs to suit your end destination including Excel, PDF, CSV, HTML and XML. Make use of the unique interactive reporting functionality, which allows you to drill down directly into the information displayed and update the data as required.

I cannot emphasise enough just how good the reporting engine is in BiblioLIVE. Users can report on any field in the database and create and edit their own reports without IT.

Martin Klopstock, Digital & Operations Director,

Kogan Page



Automated Report Running

and Delivery
Reports can be set to run once,

or regularly at a defined date and time. Large reports can be run out of hours and weekly workflow reports can be delivered to users’ inboxes. Email reports to internal or external emails or FTP, to keep all parties notified about projects. Direct key external reports to FTP sites for regular updates such as web feeds.

Multiple Output Formats

Send reports in any format required, including Excel, XML, HTML, PDF and CSV. Use the Interactive Output to drill directly into the information displayed and update data as required. Send reports via email to any contact, FTP large external feeds, or alternatively print any report as required.

Customised by Users

Capable of reporting on virtually every field within the system, users can choose exactly which data is displayed on their report. Biblio’s exhaustive range of filters make it easy to ensure that only relevant information is returned, filtering by imprint, publication date, subject, groups of users or more.

Fully Integrated, No Need for External Reports

The reporting tool is available inclusively with the Biblio suite and comes fully integrated with all modules. Each new module has a range of default and customisable reporting features which are seamlessly incorporated with the rest of the suite.

Ready-to-Use Default Reports
In addition to customising bespoke reports, the Biblio suite offers an extensive range of default reporting that’s ready to use straight away, from profit and loss reporting to event schedules, overdue payments to outputting royalty statements.

Save, Store or Share Your

Report Settings
Save time and share your reports with the Biblio suite. Save any report to be run again quickly at a later date. These reports can be saved publicly for the whole company to use, or privately for your own use.

Viewable Report Log Archive
The Biblio suite records and stores a log of all reports run within the system. These can be viewed at any time to monitor usage and reporting speeds.