Take Control of Your Rights Lifecycle

Maximise the profitability of your rights operations with a comprehensive end-to-end solution for managing submissions of interest, advances, contracts, subsidiary rights income and third-party permissions for any type of physical or digital product.

Maximise Revenue and Strengthen Negotiations
Extremely flexible and highly configurable, the Biblio suite supports academic and trade publishers with the advancement of digital technologies and commercial models that are emerging in the rapidly changing publishing landscape.

Maximise rights revenue with automated payment tracking, chasing and notification of expired rights, so that your rights can be renewed or resold without losing any time. Identify and aid future sales opportunities with a centralised and coordinated system for recording submissions of interest and rights sales. Strengthen your negotiation position and increase profitability, using centralised and easily reportable rights information.

It has proved to be an essential addition to our internal workflow for registering and maintaining rights sales and chasing statements, payments and other relevant information. It is of great value that everybody is using the same workflow

and reports.


Tibor Kujis, IT Director, Overamstel Uitgevers



Efficient Rights Sales Processing
Process the sale of a licence by generating the contract and logging the payment terms. Inbuilt validation, configurable alerts and reminders streamline operations and maximise income from rights sales. Integrated schedule management tracks the progress and status of your sales.

Payment Tracking and Chasing

Maintain full control of your payment schedule with automated email chasing and tracking of late payments and royalty statements to rights holders and contracted parties. Biblio facilitates easy chasing of overdue submissions, sales agreements, income due and

rights sales.

Automatic Rights Catalogue Production
Capitalising on the Biblio suite’s central store of data, title information can be quickly collated and output to catalogue templates

in just a few clicks.

Store and Generate Contract Information
Store contract information so that it can be found quickly and easily in the future and upload scanned original copies of contracts against title and contact records.

Record Licensee Interests

and Submissions
Record submissions of interest directly in the system or upload in batches following a bookfair or sales conference with our spreadsheet uploader. Store titles and levels of interest against contact details to aid future sales opportunities.

Schedule Reporting

Fully integrated real-time reports can chase overdue submissions, report on income due, overdue royalty statements, due contract dates and reversions, projected incomes and other reports for financial analysis.

Full Permissions Management
Store detailed permission requests. Payment tracking and configurable real-time reports are also available to list permission requests within a specific time period, from an individual customer or a specific project, imprint or group of titles.

Powerful Reporting and Audit Trail
The Biblio suite’s powerful reporting tool allows you to report on all historical rights activity. Quickly see sub-right and permission payments for a customer, period, imprint or group of titles, to better focus future rights sales and targets.

Integrated Digital Asset and Contributor Management 
Fully integrated contact management for contributors, publishers and agents manages payee accounts. Digital content can be stored against the subright sale record and shared with customers giving them access to download files and assets directly from  Biblio safely and securely.

Real-Time Rights Sales Income 
Compare rights budgets to view real-time income from rights sales, focus sales efforts, enable on the fly forecasting and produce post-mortems. Forecasted income figures can be based on income for territory, customer or year, to build up a clear picture of projected revenue for the entire rights market.