Every Author, Every Campaign,

Every Event

Plan and track every campaign, event, press release and mailing from one integrated system specifically designed for publishers.

Centralised Sales and Marketing Activities
With all of your title and contact details already held within one central system, you can start planning your sales and marketing activities

straight away. Link events to authors, contributors or in-house teams,

and use Biblio’s comprehensive reporting tool to manage and track upcoming events.

Quickly build marketing content for all titles, automatically synchronise your copy and metadata across multiple formats, saving time and guaranteeing complete consistency across your IP.

Both Biblio3 and BiblioLIVE support a huge range of sales and marketing activities, including campaigns, mailings, events and awards. Capitalise on the integrity of your core title data, and quickly output title information sheets, press releases and catalogues with just a few clicks. Communicate your key title information and marketing messages directly from the system, with
wide-ranging tools from direct emails to mail merges, from CSV report outputs to ONIX feeds.

Biblio3's capability to support catalogue creation has saved us 12 weeks a year to produce our frontlist, backlist and gift catalogues.


David Bremser IT Director, Candlewick Press



Retailer Grids

Automatically populate Excel templates provided by retailers with title information stored in the system. Retailer grids or new line forms can be scheduled to run at regular intervals and delivered to email addresses or FTP locations.

Event and Award Management

Plan, organise and report on your events within Biblio. Record book sales, costs and revenue, providing you with a clear, reportable picture of the profitability and success of your events. Awards can be added and fed out via ONIX to retailers.

Promotions Management

Biblio has the ability to manage any type of promotion including Google Adwords, catalogues, events, advertising, etc. against a collection of titles.

Catalogue Production

Group together titles and push data and images to Quark or Adobe templates. Using Biblio’s powerful reporting module, simply pick and choose the details required for each catalogue.

Automated Title Information 

Sheet Generation

Build copy quickly and use your existing title information to create title information sheets auto-

-matically. Default features allow

you to create both domestic and international title information 

sheets, sending out the relevant distribution information for each region.

Grouping Engine

Group together titles, editions or contacts easily and use for a huge range of projects and tasks, from creating marketing and seasonal lists, to subject categories and internal groups to organise and manage campaigns. Each group can be reported on, updated, shared

and managed.