Sophisticated Scheduling for

Every Project

Biblio's sophisticated scheduling module allows you to effectively define and control project schedules at IP or printing level.

Manage Time More Efficiently
Manage your workflow for the entire range of product types in the Biblio suite with sophisticated scheduling tools. Highlight key dates, automatically populate date stages and assign responsibilities to members of your team.


Manage multiple printings and link titles together onto a single schedule for ease. Take control over delays and last minute changes, with intuitive schedule reflowing tools.

A big advantage of the system has been the scheduling and reporting capabilities for production. [...] We expect the increased efficiency and productivity provided by using Biblio will allow us to meet our objectives of continuing to acquire new journals.


Diana Pesek, Journals Production Manager,

Penn State University Press



Automatic Scheduling

Using templated workflows, automatically schedule all of your printings from an initial date stage or to run towards a publication date. Automatically record tasks as finished and preview alternative scenarios to keep schedules on track.

Reflowable Dates

Keep control of schedules by reflowing dates to allow for delays, or catch up to create more time. Built-in validation warns users when a publication date will be missed, and non-work days can be accounted for in the scheduling.

Manage Overdue Dates

Overdue dates can be quickly identified using the Biblio suite’s powerful reporting tools. Incomplete dates which are in the past are highlighted on reports so that you can see at a glance those titles which are falling behind.

To-Do List Reporting

Create your own to-do lists by collating all of the key schedule dates and organising them chronologically. Start each week or day with a new to-do list by scheduling the report to be emailed to your inbox.

Assign Responsibilities

Give different users or departments control over their own scheduled tasks. Group date stages together and assign responsibility for their management, to create a collaborative workflow for all titles.

Intuitive Linking and


Dates stages such as plate sections can be set to only appear when relevant and tasks marked as complete automatically for an automated workflow.

Manage Multiple Printings on

One Schedule
Link multiple printings, and manage your workflow from one master schedule. The sophisticated scheduling tool also allows you to unlink single date stages on request, so that any deviation from the master schedule is easily managed, such as print delivery or shipping schedules.

Highlight Key Dates for     

Increased Visibility
Make your key dates prominent, showing them on the overview screens for all users to see at a glance.