Shambhala Publications Expand their BiblioLIVE Suite with Contracts, Rights and Royalties Modules


Shambhala Publications has chosen to further streamline their publishing processes with BiblioLIVE's Contracts, Rights and Royalties modules.

  • BiblioLIVE’s Rights and Royalties modules replace Bradbury Press Royalties

  • New system to deliver significant time savings and greater sales capacity

  • Maximising productivity with a centralised database and streamlined workflows

Shambhala Publications was looking to consolidate and improve the management of its rights and royalties. Like many publishers, it was struggling to work with an isolated system that did not coordinate with its title management software, resulting in an unclear picture of royalty processing, data errors and a lot of time-consuming manual work.

Shambhala was also looking for a system that would allow it to better market and sell rights, with the confidence of being able to automatically process and pay the related royalties.

Shambhala quickly discovered the huge advantages of using BiblioLIVE, and the addition of the integrated contracts, rights and royalties modules will extend these benefits to the rest of the company. The software is very functional, with modules that deliver everything required by a book publisher. These modules all work from a single integrated database that ensures Shambhala is always working with accurate and up to date information. 

Rodney Elder, Executive Vice President, North America, Virtusales

Shambhala chose to replace its customised Bradbury Press Royalties system with BiblioLIVE’s Rights and Royalties modules as a solution that would offer significant time-savings and manageability to its royalty reporting.

Shambhala has been using the BiblioLIVE Bibliographic and Production modules for a number of years and is familiar with the functionality and flexibility that the integrated, cloud-based solution offers. The addition of Contracts, Rights and Royalties will provide Shambhala with a single centralised database which provides efficiencies throughout the entire publishing process, from pre-acquisition to post-publication.  

Moving to Biblio was an enormous productivity gain for our editorial and production teams, and we are delighted to add that same degree of efficiency of workflow to our contracts, rights, and royalties teams. Having a single platform, tailored to the needs of a publisher like us, makes for a more centralised system that serves as a single source of truth. It not only frees up our teams to do the work with the most value, it gives managers a 360 view of a book’s performance across a wide range of areas which informs decisions across multiple departments.


We love it and only wish we had made the move sooner.

Nikko Odiseos, President, Shambhala Publications

Why Virtusales

  • Fully customisable, automated royalty statements

  • Capacity for complex rights deals across multiple products and formats

  • Integrated title management providing accurate and up to date information

  • Synchronised rights information across all IP

  • Remote, 24/7 access with any internet connection

  • Automated invoicing, payment tracking and chasing

  • Accurate and clear user-defined reporting

About Shambhala Publications

Shambhala Publications is dedicated to creating books, audio, and immersive courses aimed at improving lives - in ways big and small - in the hope of contributing to the development of a thoughtful, kind-hearted, and contemplative society. In the words of its first author, Chögyam Trungpa, “Enlightened society has to be real and good, honest and genuine.” Shambhala holds these words as a guiding principle and try to reflect its sentiment in each and everything it makes and does, from publishing timeless spiritual classics and cultural treasures to contemporary explorations of what it is to live a meaningful and honest life that benefits the people and world around us.

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