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Introducing the New Biblio

The latest version of the Biblio3 and BiblioLIVE publishing systems benefit a new User Interface, Dashboards, Global Search and suite of APIs.


Developed as part of an internal project to upgrade Biblio onto a new technology stack, this latest version ensures the system remains cutting edge, able to support the evolving needs of its customers, and continues as an industry leading publishing solution for the next 20 years and beyond.


Key benefits include:


  • The ability to build a full API suite - for data to go both in and out of Biblio.

  • Greater consistency of functionality and UI throughout the system.

  • Improved performance and scalability, by making use of the latest framework advancements from Microsoft, Google and others.

  • Faster development.

  • And, future support for mobile devices.

The Marketing Dashboard is the first of a new suite of Dashboards that will allow users to design their own unique screens collating all of the information pertinent to their needs so that they can view and maintain data in one central place that may have previously been held over a number of different screens.


These new Dashboards will revolutionise how users interact with the system, simplify data entry that previously involved multiple screens to a single entry point, and improve adherence to business processes and rules by containing all of the required information on a single screen.


As part of this latest release, the main home screen Dashboard has been refreshed in line with the new UI and a new Marketing Dashboard has been introduced. Over time additional Dashboards will be created and the number of fields that can be added to the panels of the Dashboards will increase.

User Interface

The UI has been refreshed to create a more modern appearance and pave the way for future support for mobile devices. The layout is now responsive with existing Biblio screens remaining largely the same to minimise the need for re-training.


New menus, icons, fonts and a colour pallet give a more modern look-and-feel throughout the system and give a more consistent user experience.

Sidebars have been added in order to help convey record information, add further navigation options within the module, and to make better use of screen space.

Global Search

Powered by Lucene and utilising proven ElasticSearch technology to deliver fast and rich results, the new search offers a single search box similar to Google and provides an easy to use, global search that spans across all modules. This new global search field can be used to search for Works or Contacts and is highly scalable so able to manage huge datasets and deliver lightning fast results.


APIs have been included in this beta version of the software to make it easier, quicker and cheaper to connect Biblio with other systems in your landscape. Some APIs are already available and the core technology needed to provide a wider suite of APIs is also up and running and powering all of the left-menus and dashboards.

What is the difference? 

New menus, icons, fonts and colour pallets give a more modern look-and-feel, while the layout remains much the same to minimise the need for retraining.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the upgrade be available?

The beta version of the new Biblio is currently in testing and will be available in a release to review towards the end of this year. In the meantime, we will be sharing updates through the Customer Corner area of our website.

Will I need to retrain my staff?

While users may need some training on the new features such as the Dashboards and Global Search, the layout of existing Biblio screens remain much the same with things like fields, tables, information boxes remaining in the same place to minimise the need for retraining.

Will upgrading come at a cost?

The upgrade is available to customers at no extra cost. As always, any development or consultancy work to tailor the system to meet your specific needs will be charged at your normal day rate.

Do I have to upgrade?

We will be releasing the upgrade in Beta and allowing customers time to rollout to their users. During this time customers will be able to decide which version they use until some time in the future when we will upgrade all systems.