All of Your Data, in One Central Location

Manage print and digital books, journals, periodicals, packs and POS items in a single system.

Enrich Your Data, Increase Your Sales
Bibliographic is the core database which lies at the heart of Biblio3 and BiblioLIVE, driving all of your metadata and project specifications. Data is automatically updated and is simple to expand and enrich, maximising sales and searchability online.

With capabilities that stretch well beyond traditional print and eBook products, it can easily handle journals, audiobooks, point-of-sale items, packs, DVDs, bind-ups, digital bundles and more, with fast and intuitive navigation between titles. Integrated industry standards such as BIC, BISAC, THEMA and CBMC ensure that your data is always of the highest quality.

Data can be synchronised and shared across different product types to dramatically reduce data entry and save time updating and managing it. With all your title information in one place, generating title information sheets and catalogues becomes a simple, automatic process.

Biblio’s unique Grouping functionality allows you to create groups of titles and editions easily. These groups can be used for a huge range of projects and tasks, from temporary working groups to series or subject categories. Each group can be reported on, updated and managed, allowing you to really drill into key parts of your list and manage different areas of the editorial process with ease.

By using a central core database, our metadata can be automatically repurposed, distributed to third parties and updated in our TIP sheets, website and catalogues.


Bonnie Russell, Technical Project Manager,

Wayne State University Press



Industry Standards: BIC, BISAC, THEMA and CBMC

The Biblio suite is compliant with all key industry standards, including BIC, BISAC, THEMA and CBMC. New codes are added as part of the regular release cycle to ensure your title information is always up to date.

Images and Auto-Repurposing

Jacket Images and spreads can be stored and distributed as standard. Additional image sizes and formats are automatically created for key images such as web images, thumbnails and high-res TIFFs.

Document Storage and Distribution

Store documents, images and eBook files against product records and include them in ONIX feeds using a digital packager. Virtusales offers scalable storage options for hosted customers.

Automatic ISBN Allocation

The Biblio suite allows you to transfer all of your ISBNs to ISBN pools held within the system, allowing you to assign ISBNs to new titles automatically with a single click.


The Biblio suite allows data to be synchronised between related editions such as a hardback, paperback and ebook to avoid having to re-key information and reduce the risk of errors during data entry.

Pack and Non-Book

Product Management

The Biblio suite can easily handle non-book products and packs, including point of sale, toys, journals and apps. Pack components can be created from existing products or new titles, and details managed and distributed with ease.

Copy Approval

Store, synchronise and approve copy before sending it out to retailers and websites. This approval process allows copy to be entered at any stage in a book’s life but withheld from feeds until approved.

Grouping Engine

Group together titles, editions or contacts easily. These groups can be used for a huge range of projects and tasks, from groups of authors to groups of series and subject categorisations. Each group can be reported on, updated and managed.