United Methodist Publishing House Select BiblioLIVE to Streamline Complex Workflows and Deliver Seamless Integration


UMPH have chosen Bibliographic and BiblioProduction modules to replace their legacy metadata product planning systems.

  • Bibliographic and BiblioProduction modules replace legacy metadata and product planning systems
  • Automated ONIX feeds to provide significant time-savings
  • BiblioLIVE offers seamless integration with CoreSource

Founded in 1789, the United Methodist Publishing House (UMPH) has evolved over centuries into the diverse business it is today. Having historically used in-house and disparate software solutions to manage its expanding range of products, it was looking for a new end-to-end solution that would support complex workflows, increase interdepartmental visibility and improve its metadata distribution.

We were looking for a modern, flexible and future-proofed solution to manage our editorial, bibliographic and production data and processes. BiblioLIVE not only addresses all of these requirements but will provide us with a content-centric publishing solution that will allow us to seamlessly manage some of our more complex products we are looking to offer in the future.

Kevin McLoud, Chief Digital Officer, United Methodist Publishing House

UMPH decided to move away from in-house systems and outsource to an industry-leading solution, selecting BiblioLIVE as the option that offered the most benefits and integration.


Implementing BiblioLIVE will eradicate the need for data duplication through automated ONIX feeds and seamless integration with UMPH’s current supplier, CoreSource. UMPH will also be utilising BiblioLIVE’s integration tool to feed information to its new e-commerce platform saving time through automated updates and ensuring product information is always accurate.

The single, centralised system will support UMPH’s future projects through customisable and automated scheduling, better interdepartmental communication and greater, company-wide visibility of the publishing programme. The business will also benefit from swift and accurate cost estimates, as well as cost-tracking throughout the publishing process.

Why Virtusales

  • Single, centralised system improves interdepartmental communication

  • Automated, data-rich ONIX feeds

  • Seamless integration to other systems including CoreSource

  • Able to manage complex workflows across a broad range of product types

  • Front-end integration tool plugs directly into UMPH’s e-commerce platform

About The United Methodist Publishing House

The United Methodist Publishing House (Abingdon Press, Cokesbury) is a publisher, wholesaler, retailer, and distributor of ecumenical Christian resources for the church and for the broader community of faith.

For more information, visit: https://www.umph.org/