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University Presses Directors Roundtable

With Ellen Chodosh (Director) and Mary Beth Jarrad (Sales & Marketing Director) from New York University Press, Simon Ross (Chief Executive) and John Normansell (Production & Operations Director) from Manchester University Press and Joel Cosseboom (Interim Director & Publisher) from University of Hawaii Press.

In a recent webinar, Virtusales' Mark Collins, Director of Academic and Rodney Elder, Executive Vice President North America talks with Directors from three prominent University Presses in the USA and UK. 


During this hour long session, the panellists discussed the key trends seen in the last four months and the challenges being faced within the Academic and Scholarly publishing arena. Conversations provided insights into how these University Presses have adapted to the current environment and the positive changes that have been seen within their publishing processes in light of the current global situation. 

Towards the end of the session, the University Presses shared a few of their favourite publications in their current catalogue. You can find out more about these by following the links below. 

Listen to our University Presses Directors Roundtable, now as a podcast, in full or watch the webinar by clicking the button below. 

  • University Presses Directors Roundtable
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  • with Ellen Chodosh, Mary Beth Jarrad, Simon Ross, John Normansell, Joel Cosseboom, Mark Collins and Rod Elder
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Manchester University Press was founded in 1903 and has successfully developed a distinctive brand known globally for excellent research in the Humanities and Social Sciences. MUP strives to deliver best practices across publishing activities, embrace opportunities to innovate and explore new ways of supporting scholarly communications, while being engaged and responsive to the changing needs of their community. Discoverability, accessibility and researchability are all features of publishing that we care about, as well as the traditional values of excellent author care, good design and high production values.

With over 70 years of publishing, the University of Hawai'i Press editorial program focuses on books in the humanities, social sciences, and life and earth sciences in areas that include history, religion, anthropology, literature, art and architecture, the environment, and language arts. They publish more than 20 scholarly journals that reflect the university’s regional and international focus in the aforementioned subject matters. UH Press has an especially distinguished list in Asian studies and is recognised as a leader in the fields of Buddhist studies and Southeast Asian studies. 


Founded in 1916 New York University Press publishers over 110 new books a year, with a backlist of nearly 3,000 titles. NYU Press is a department of the New York University Division of Libraries. Working across the humanities and social sciences, NYU Press has award-winning lists in sociology, law, cultural and American studies, religion, American history, anthropology, politics, criminology, media and communication, literary studies, and psychology. Several key themes or topics, especially race, ethnicity, gender, and youth studies, unify all their publishing disciplines.

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