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Manage and share digital assets like never before

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the next wave in digital publishing efficiency

Introducing BiblioFlow

The all-in-one solution for publishing workflow management

BiblioFlow, the latest innovation to join the BiblioSuite family, is designed to revolutionize your digital workflows. Prioritizing assets and metadata within a single system, effectively integrating asset management into publishing workflows, and giving unprecedented visibility and access to digial assets. Powerful workflow tools make updating metadata, managing approvals, generating sales materials, and sharing metadata and files quick and simple.


Your workflow is about to get a lot more intuitive, efficient, and secure.

Centralized asset management

Bid farewell to the clutter of scattered digital assets and manage them alongside your metadata directly in BiblioFlow for maximum visibility and accessibility.


BiblioFlow integrates with your publishing routine, keeping essential assets and metadata front and center for effortless discovery and use. BiblioFlow simplifies how publishers discover, view, and leverage their digital assets and metadata.


Prepare to take on your day-to-day operations with newfound ease and efficiency.

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Seamless integration with Biblio dashboards

Access everything from personalized Dashboards. Enjoy the convenience of having all the files you need at your fingertips—all in one integrated space, and eliminate the need to juggle between different software or modules.


Easily find, preview, download and share your digital media files directly through BiblioSuite Dashboards.

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Secure and controlled access

Maintain the integrity of your data with BiblioFlow's robust security framework.


Seamlessly manage user permissions and roles, ensuring sensitive content remains protected, while still being readily accessible to authorized users.


Stay compliant with contractual and industry standards, while never missing a beat in your workflow.

Optimized discoverability

Leverage the advanced search capabilities of BiblioSuite, and quickly locate essential files fast. BiblioFlow leverages the rich metadata and precise product details already held in the system along with automated image tags and additional metadata scraped from the files themselves to optimize the discoverability of your digital assets and files.


BiblioFlow's robust search functionality ensures you spend less time hunting and more time creating value.

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Efficiency boost for everyday tasks

Maximize productivity with BiblioFlow's advanced workflow solutions.


BiblioFlow empowers you to locate files, update metadata, manage asset approvals, generate sales materials, and distribute content both internally and externally with unparalleled simplicity — all within a single, user-friendly interface. 

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Ready to elevate your publishing experience?

Join us in welcoming the launch of BiblioFlow and experience firsthand how BiblioFlow is revolutionizing digital asset management for publishers. Don't miss the opportunity to streamline your operations, safeguard your assets, and boost your productivity.

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