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Here at Virtusales, we value each and every one of our customers - from global publishing houses to unique and impactful indies. 


If you are already a member of the Virtusales community, you’ll likely be familiar with the term BiblioU – which was originally coined for our annual, customer-only event.

The purpose of the BiblioU event is to bring together Virtusales customers, in one place, to learn about how the Biblio suite of publishing software is being used in the community and the benefits of implementing the various workflows available within; helping our customers to identify the areas of their business which can be bettered by learning from fellow members’ experiences and success stories.


Following the success of BiblioU 2020, and to ensure that we continue to support our customers' every effort to transform and future-proof their businesses using the Biblio suite, we have now expanded the range of customer-only content, features and benefits available to the Virtusales community. These new features, which we will continue to develop over the coming years and which will be freely accessible via this website, include:

  • The BiblioU Hub (formerly known as our Customer Corner): our exclusive, customer-only area of the Virtusales website where Biblio users can access content specifically designed for them including Release News, customer-only events, webinars and more. (NB: Customers only can register and/or login via the BiblioU Hub 'Sign In' hyperlink in our website's header, above).

  • BiblioU Training: our exclusive, customer-only training sessions – provided by our team of publishing specialists – to enhance our customers' knowledge of the Biblio suite and help them identify ways to better their organization’s publishing workflows further.

  • BiblioU 2021: our exclusive, customer-only event – visit our Events webpage for further information.

We hope that our customers will enjoy and take advantage of the BiblioU offerings and opportunities, as we look forward to helping them to improve their business operations with Biblio workflows.


Get in touch today to find out how the Biblio suite could help you to better your business.