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Royalty Management for Publishers

Fully supporting head contracts, subright contracts and sublicensed subright deals as standard, Biblio Royalties is specifically designed for the publishing industry and is capable of handling complex royalty calculations and payments for both physical and digital content.

High speed, scalable royalty solutions

Streamline your royalties contracts, calculations, statements and payment processing.

Advanced high speed royalty accounting

  • Using its advanced royalty calculation engine, Biblio is able to process the most complex royalty calculations and deliver a full period-end royalty run in record time.

  • Handle joint accounting for multiple titles to multi-currency advances and deduction tracking.

  • Manage complex rules such as combining products and rules for sales escalation.

  • Calculate retentions and refunds, offset earnings against advances or to other titles and payees, and automate handling of returns.

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On-demand runs and statements 

  • Complete royalty runs and create statement packs on-demand.

  • View accrued earnings based on the very latest information, showing the effect of contractual changes immediately.

  • Show earnings grouped by customer, manage newly published titles in the current period and titles being suppressed from the printable files due to sales inactivity.

  • Generate draft statements to begin reconciliation of a period end early in order to minimize workload bottlenecks.

Aggregate and view sales data

  • Import daily sales feeds from multiple disparate sources to view aggregated, real-time sales data.

  • Automatically convert multiple currencies.

  • Drill into royalty calculations to view and edit sales data.

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Royalty reporting made easy

  • Benefit from a range of preconfigured reports as well as allowing users to build their own.

  • Reports can be scheduled to run automatically and be delivered to both email addresses and external systems.​

  • Produce a duplicate pack for a third party and pay a percentage of the earnings if required.

​BiblioSuite Royalty Portal

A secure, online platform for sharing royalty statements with authors and agents.

  • Automated email notification of newly-available royalty statements ​​

  • Reduced costs in delivering printed statements​

  • Onscreen preview of statements​​

  • Options to download statement packs or individual statements in PDF format​

  • A search facility for statements

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