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High speed, scalable royalty solutions

Royalty Management for Publishers

Fully supporting head contracts, subright contracts and sublicensed subright deals as standard, Biblio Royalties is specifically designed for the publishing industry and is capable of handling complex royalty calculations and payments for both physical and digital content.

High speed royalty accounting

Experience unparalleled efficiency with Biblio's advanced royalty calculation engine. BiblioSuite processes even the most complex royalty calculations, delivering full period-end royalty runs in record time.

Effortlessly manage joint accounting for multiple titles, multi-currency advances, and deduction tracking. Tackle complex rules with ease, including combining products and managing sales escalation. BiblioSuite also enables you to calculate retentions and refunds, offset earnings against advances or other titles and payees, and automate the handling of returns.


Streamline your royalty accounting with BiblioSuite and ensure accurate, efficient financial management.

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Optimize royalty management

Transform your royalty management with BiblioSuite’s on-demand royalty runs and statement creation. Instantly view accrued earnings with real-time updates that reflect any contractual changes, making rights and royalty administration seamless.

Efficiently manage earnings by customer, track newly published titles, and automatically suppress inactive titles from print files. Generate draft statements for early reconciliation to minimize period-end bottlenecks and streamline your workflow.

Elevate your royalty management today with precise, real-time data at your fingertips.

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Unlock royalty reporting excellence

Elevate your royalty reporting with BiblioSuite's preconfigured and customizable reports giving you the flexibility to view your data how you like to see it. BiblioSuite's advanced reporting tool allows users to build their own reports and schedule them to run automatically, delivering vital rights and royalty data directly on screen or delivered to you via email.

Empower users to self-serve reducing internal email traffic and queries. BiblioSuite provides unparalleled visibility while ensuring confidential information is protected by user permissions and access rights.

Aggregate sales data for deeper insight

Effortlessly import daily sales reports from multiple sources for a real-time, unified view of your performance. BiblioSuite automatically converts currencies, ensuring accurate global sales figures.

Dive deep into your sales revenue with advanced tools to easily view and edit data, giving you precision and control you need to ensure accurate and fair royalty payments.

Embrace the power of BiblioSuite's royalty solution, making it easier than ever to manage your rights and royalties through data-driven insights.

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​BiblioSuite Royalty Portal​

A secure, online platform for sharing royalty statements with authors and agents.​

  • ​​Automated email notification of newly-available royalty statements ​​

  • Reduced costs in delivering printed statements​

  • Onscreen preview of statements​​

  • Options to download statement packs or individual statements in PDF format​

  • A search facility for statements

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