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Cutting edge features giving you complete control of your IP

Solutions to support you from ideation to publication and beyond
Choose from our Biblio suite of seamlessly integrated publishing solutions or the complete enterprise management system. 


The Biblio suite of publishing software - from ideation to royalty calculations and reprints.



Save time and increase productivity

Batch updates, synchronisation, wizards and validation gateways speed up administrative tasks and maintaining data, improving efficiency and productivity.

Minimise training

Ergonomically designed, user friendly screens with comprehensive access and permissions based on customisable roles minimise the need for training.

No technical expertise

Biblio's integrated reporting engine allows users to build bespoke reports on the fly with no technical expertise.

Automate workflows

Integrated digital asset management available at all levels enable automated workflows and distribution of files and content.

A truly global system

Biblio supports all currencies and languages making it a truly global system.

Seamless Integration

The Biblio suite offers a range of publishing solutions that can be seamlessly and easily integrated into even the most complex of system landscapes, providing a menu-based option for solving your publishing workflow requirements. Alternatively, the full Biblio suite can be implemented as an enterprise wide publishing managment system. Data can be fed in and out of the system quickly and easily using the range of APIs, Excel uploaders and data outputs in various formats including XML and CSV.

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