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Ohio selects BiblioSuite - the preeminent publishing system for university presses

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

Ohio University Press has chosen BiblioSuite for its sophisticated scholarly publishing solutions and workflows, providing the university press with access to the same best-of-class system and world-leading solutions used by Harvard, Princeton, Oxford and many more academic and scholarly publishers. Replacing its now unsupported system, Ohio University Press has selected BiblioSuite’s Product Management solution to automate and streamline its bibliographic and acquisitions processes, enabling the publisher to:

  • Manage all its products (including books, eBooks, series, articles, journals, academic monographs, licenses and more) in a single, centralized system that provides batch update functionality and synchronization tools to help the university press reduce any duplication of efforts when compiling, maintaining and distributing its metadata, and increase the visibility of its data companywide – saving the publisher both time and resources;

  • Support industry standards – including ISBN, ISSN, DOI, ORCID, ISNI, SKU, BISAC, Thema, and more – to ensure that its metadata meets the requirements of researchers, institutions and business partners worldwide, both now and into the future, whilst also facilitating the discoverability of its products to increase sales;

  • Digitizing paper-based workflows to better manage its proposals, board memos, transmittal memos, etc. – fast-tracking a previously manual and labor-intensive activity, with the option to easily share forms internally and export them in a variety of digital formats to send to external parties such as Board members, business partners and beyond; and

  • Effortlessly share, track and report on the progress of peer reviews, review copies and reading samples, enabling Ohio University Press to streamline its editorial workflows, unify its workforce (ensuring that staff have access to the data they need at every stage of the process), and sync contacts across multiple projects – speeding up the process and making it far easier to manage.

“We are delighted to be joining BiblioSuite’s accomplished community of university presses and are eagerly looking forward to the efficiencies, enhanced project tracking, quality metadata and time-savings that BiblioSuite will give us.”

Beth Pratt, Director, Ohio University Press

“It is fantastic that Ohio University Press can take advantage of the BiblioSuite to make their publishing processes as efficient as possible.”

Rodney Elder, EVP, North America. Virtusales Publishing Solutions

About Ohio University Press

Incorporated in 1947 and formally organized in 1964 by Ohio University's president Vernon Alden, Ohio University Press is the oldest scholarly publisher in Ohio. Since its founding, the press (including its trade imprint, Swallow Press) has developed into a leading publisher of books about Africa, Appalachia, Southeast Asia, and the Midwest, as well as on many other topics. From academic monographs to regional guides to internationally-acclaimed literary works, its books have established the press as an essential member of its many communities: scholarly, literary, and geographic.

The press publishes between thirty and thirty-five books a year. Distributed worldwide, its books are regularly covered by prominent national and international news and review media; in countless academic journals; and in a wide variety of literary and cultural outlets.

About BiblioSuite

BiblioSuite is the most advanced suite of publishing software for optimizing workflows. It empowers publishers by enabling them to manage all their products – from books, journals and articles, to eBooks, digital platforms and beyond – in a single system. Being content-led, the system allows publishers to fully utilize their IP and maximize their income (regardless of the publishing formats chosen).

BiblioSuite is proven to help publishing houses of all shapes and sizes to save time, reduce duplication of efforts and increase access to key information and documents company-wide. The only difficulty after implementing will be deciding what to do with the time you’ve freed up!

By choosing the BiblioSuite’s comprehensive system, your publishing house will be able to:

  • Manage multiple formats including books, eBooks, audiobooks, journals, packs which include non-book products, merchandise and more;

  • Easily maintain high-quality metadata and enhanced ONIX feeds;

  • Generate and authorize contracts with software that enables full rights management;

  • Create costings and schedules for production;

  • Manage submissions, advances, subsidiary rights income and third-party permissions;

  • Raise purchase orders within the BiblioSuite system;

  • Handle complex royalty calculations and payments, using multiple currencies and generate statements on demand;

  • Improve operational performance, save money on excess stock, and spot new revenue streams;

  • Manage contacts, marketing and publicity in a single, comprehensive and integrated system;

  • Share review copies and reading samples digitally and securely with integrated digital asset management and distribution;

  • And much, much more.

Find out why you should join our growing community, and see what our client publishers have to say about the BiblioSuite on our website: Publishing Software for University Presses

About Virtusales Publishing Solutions

Virtusales is the creator of the industry-leading BiblioSuite of publishing software.

Working with some of the world's leading academic and scholarly, trade, children’s and novelty, educational and professional, content and licensing, and religious publishers – including Penguin Random House, Bloomsbury Academic, Kogan Page, the World Health Organization, CABI and university presses: Oxford, Harvard, Princeton, and many more – Virtusales is streamlining ​publishers' workflows and bringing efficiencies to their business processes with innovative software, exceptional service and a collaborative approach.

Our leading-edge, web-based technology, rapid development cycle of new functionality and close working relationships with our customers ensure that our client publishers are able to manage and adapt to the industry's challenges more efficiently, now and in the future.

Find out more here or contact us for further information.


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