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Zando selects BiblioSuite to manage its growing publishing operations

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

Zando has selected an offering from Virtusales Publishing Solutions that ties in well with Ingram Content Group’s metadata solution, to provide the efficiencies Zando needs to grow as a business. Virtusales’ and Ingram Content Group’s integrated approach will enable Zando to manage its publishing operations using the BiblioSuite of software and share accurate and complete metadata with Ingram’s CoreSource platform and distribution business while also automating its royalty calculations from sales delivered back to Biblio from Ingram.

Zando has chosen BiblioSuite’s out-of-the-box publishing platform and Ingram’s robust distribution offering to:

  • Reduce the keying and re-keying of metadata by storing and managing all its product data in a single, centralized system that synchronizes data across different product types, saving Zando both time and resources;

  • Send automated, tailored and high quality ONIX 3.0 feeds to Ingram Content Group’s metadata solution and its website, ensuring that there is a single source of truth for its metadata that is available to both internal staff and industry partners at the click of a button, reducing human error and increasing the publisher’s public image;

  • Utilize Biblio’s sophisticated subrights publishing workflows – from tracking submissions of interest, advances and contracts to managing rights income, permissions and payments – to strengthen Zando’s negotiations and better serve its authors and agents, ultimately maximizing its revenue and the use of its IP; and

  • Automatically import sales reports from Ingram Publisher Services into the BiblioSuite system to aid royalty calculations processing and statement generation, streamlining Zando’s workflows and enabling the publisher to view aggregated, real-time data that can inform its business decisions.

“We’re delighted to partner with Ingram to offer the industry-leading BiblioSuite software and Ingram distribution to Zando and other publishing clients.”

Rodney Elder, EVP, North America, Virtusales Publishing Solutions

“We are excited to be partnering with Virtusales and Ingram, and are looking forward to reaping the rewards of having a centralized publishing system - BiblioSuite, seamlessly integrated with Ingram’s world-class distribution.”

Andrew Rein, Head of Sales & Retail Content Development , Zando

“We are very pleased to offer an easy integration with Virtusales, to deliver an affordable solution for distribution, publishing operations and royalty calculations to Zando and other publishing clients.”

Sabrina McCarthy, VP and General Manager, Ingram Publisher Services

About Zando

Founded by acclaimed publishing executive Molly Stern, Zando is an independent publisher that offers a new model to connect inspiring authors to the audiences they deserve — and helps readers find new books to love. Zando works with a select group of beloved public figures, platforms and institutions, publishing a carefully chosen slate of books that reflect those partners’ authentic passions and interests. The goal: spark meaningful cultural conversations, reach a devoted new audience of readers and upend the bestseller list.

About Ingram Content Group

The world is reading and Ingram Content Group (“Ingram”) connects people with content in all forms. Providing comprehensive services for publishers, retailers, libraries and educators, Ingram makes these services seamless and accessible through technology, innovation and creativity. With an expansive global network of offices and facilities, Ingram’s services include digital and physical book distribution, print-on-demand, and digital learning. Ingram Content Group is a part of Ingram Industries Inc. and includes Ingram Book Group LLC, Ingram Publisher Services LLC, Lightning Source LLC, VitalSource Technologies LLC, Ingram Library Services LLC, and Tennessee Book Company LLC.

About BiblioSuite

BiblioSuite offers growing publishers the opportunity to implement tried-and-tested, digital workflows that have been developed in collaboration with world-leading publishers, to streamline their processes and increase their output without increasing their number of employees. It enables content-led publishing models, helping publishers to fully utilize their IP and maximize their income regardless of the publishing formats chosen. BiblioSuite users are therefore free to focus on growing their business in the sound mind that all their data, assets and essential documentation – from editorial right the way through to royalties – are being recorded and stored in a way which will better the performance of the business, and will increase effective communications (both internally and externally, with staff, business partners, authors and agents alike).

BiblioSuite is proven to help publishing houses of all shapes and sizes to save time, reduce duplication of efforts and increase the access to key information and documents company-wide. The only difficulty after implementing will be deciding what to do with the time you’ve freed up!

By choosing Biblio’s comprehensive system, your publishing house will be able to:

  • Manage multiple formats including books, eBooks, audiobooks, packs and bundles (including non-book products), licenses and merchandise;

  • Easily maintain high-quality metadata and enhanced ONIX feeds;

  • Control and record all aspects of safety-testing (if applicable);

  • Generate and authorize contracts with software that enables full rights management;

  • Create costings and schedules for production;

  • Raise purchase orders within the BiblioSuite system;

  • Handle complex royalty calculations and payments;

  • And much, much more.

About Virtusales Publishing Solutions

Virtusales is the creator of the industry-leading BiblioSuite of publishing software.

Working with some of the world's leading trade, children’s and novelty, academic and scholarly, educational and professional, content and licensing, and religious publishers including Penguin Random House, Faber, Oxford University Press, Hachette, Bloomsbury and Macmillan Publishers, Virtusales is streamlining publishers' workflows and bringing efficiencies to their business processes with innovative software, exceptional service and a collaborative approach.

Our leading edge, web-based technology, rapid development cycle of new functionality and close working relationships with our customers ensure that our client publishers are able to manage and adapt to the industry's challenges more efficiently, now and in the future.

Find out more here or contact us for further information.


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