Case Studies

We work with some of the world's leading trade, academic, scholarly and professional publishers. Here are some of their stories. 

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69% year-on-year increase in

journal production since

implementing BiblioLIVE

"Overall the platform is solid and stable and the support is amazing.”


Tibor Kuijs, IT Director, Overamstel Uitgevers

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"In effect, it’s given us the power to answer questions before they’ve even been asked.”


Jake Stevens, Managing Director, Verso Books 

"Dream Partners. The entire Virtusales team has been a joy to work with. They provided excellent service on the install, and have continued to provide excellent support as we use the system.”


Octavia Kingsley, Director, Jessica Kingsley Publishers

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"It's a fully integrated system proven with market leaders and that is really key for us.”


Shane Hegarty, Head of Operations, Bonnier Zaffre

"Every publisher has data but how good

is the quality of their data? With BiblioLIVE I am certain my data is

as good as it can be."


Martin Klopstock, Digital & Operations Director, Kogan Page

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"We can do things that we simply 

couldn't do before.”

Becky Hemperly, Director of Contracts, Rights & Royalties,

Candlewick Press

One terabyte of space saved

through BiblioDAM's

de-duplication functionality.

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"We have gained a week's worth of

staff time in the sending of metadata

to our distributors alone."

Bonnie Russell, Technical Project Manager,

Wayne State University Press