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University of Ottawa Press Select BiblioLIVE to Enhance their Publishing Project Management

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

University of Ottawa Press Select BiblioLIVE to Enhance their Publishing Project Management

  • Single, centralized database to streamline UOP's end-to-end processes

  • BiblioLIVE Bibliographic, Production and Contracts, Rights and Royalties modules to replace multiple disparate systems data entry

  • Royalty processing power to deliver significant time saving

University of Ottawa Press (UOP) was struggling to manage its data across multiple systems, with each process housed within a different software solution or spreadsheet. As a result, its end-to-end processes, from pre-acquisition to royalty calculation, were time-consuming and complex, requiring repetitive re-keying of data and allowing for little interdepartmental visibility.

The inflexibility and inefficiency of these multiple systems and highly-manual processes were not scalable, so the Press was unable to increase its output to meet growing demand. 

"We are delighted to bring UOP on as a customer and to help them benefit from the automated functions in Biblio that will enable them to avoid dual keying of data and increase their publishing program."

Rodney Elder, Executive Vice President, North America, Virtusales

Having considered various software solutions, UOP selected BiblioLIVE's 

  • Bibliographic 

  • Production

  • Contracts, Rights and Royalties

​​ With these modules, UOP will revolutionize its publishing processes, significantly increasing efficiency and data accuracy. With BiblioLIVE, UOP will be able to manage all their publishing processes, from pre-acquisition to royalties, in one single system without repetitive, manual re-keying of data, giving them the freedom they want to scale their publishing operations.  The centralized, cloud-based nature of BiblioLIVE was a significant factor for UOP's choice, as it offers a single, definitive source of data accessible by all departments, but with customizable permission levels to ensure security and high-quality data. BiblioLIVE's automated processes, sophisticated scheduling tools, synchronized metadata and emphasis on interdepartmental communication will streamline the Press' workflows and increase productivity.  UOP's metadata distribution will also realize significant improvements, with sales aggregate and ONIX feeds outputting directly from the Biblio database and capable of sending at frequent, customized intervals. With Biblio's market-leading ONIX Wizard tool enabling users to easily pinpoint and complete missing data, UOP can look forward to eliminating the need for external systems and ensuring accurate, high-quality data across its distribution network. 

Another great benefit to UOP and its contributors will be the implementation of Biblio's Contracts, Rights and Royalties modules, capable of storing head contracts and complex royalty information alongside product metadata, and able to run accurate royalty reports on the fly. François Lavigne commented that he expects the introduction of BiblioLIVE to "drastically reduce the time spent processing royalties".

"We're looking forward to working with Virtusales. Finally, we have a publishing project management solution that will enable us to more easily serve our authors from the University of Ottawa and beyond!"

Lara Mainville, Director, University of Ottawa Press

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