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Plan, build, track and communicate

Streamline your publishing workflow with our 
integrated marketing and publicity system

Efficiently plan and monitor a wide range of marketing activities while managing publicity tasks seamlessly. Our system allows you to consolidate title details and contact information, facilitating the swift generation of title information sheets, press releases, and catalogs with just a few clicks. Communicate your crucial title information and marketing messages directly from the platform through email, mail merge, CSV reports, and ONIX feeds. 

Effortlessly create catalogs with BiblioSuite

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Build marketing plans and budgets

  • Plan and monitor all campaigns, promotions and marketing tasks, with roles, budgets and action points.

  • Integrated contact management provides the ability to manage lists and associated marketing tasks with contacts.

  • Incorporate key dates from editorial and production schedules along with title information in marketing plans. 

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Quickly generate marketing materials

  • Generate copy, previews and reading samples quickly and easily before sharing them with appropriate contacts; all directly within Biblio.​​

  • Automate AI sheets, catalog outputs, flyers and other marketing collateral.

  • Store and distribute marketing materials against title or contact records within Biblio.

Streamline processes and save time

  • Reduce the rekeying of data and benefit from a single system for managing products, contacts, marketing and publicity activities.​

  • ​Manage marketing budgets alongside other publication and production costs.

  • ​Increase visibility of marketing activities and key dates.

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