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Create, store, distribute

Benefit from a single, central system to manage your IP

Comprehensive publishing software to manage the creation and distribution of all your digital content, with integrated scheduling and rights management for complete control.

Unify and elevate assets and metadata

BiblioSuite prioritizes assets and metadata within a single system, providing an interconnected ecosystem where files automatically inherit relevant product metadata.


This seamless integration eliminates the need for manual data entry, a common inconvenience with conventional Digital Asset Management (DAM) systems, and streamlines the process to discover, view, access, and utilize rich media content and digital files.


Embrace the simplicity of asset management with BiblioSuite's innovative approach to handling metadata, ensuring your assets are organized and easily accessible.

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Intelligent management of digital assets

Consolidate, locate, and access an extensive range of files – from print-ready PDFs and multimedia files to promotional materials, contractual documents, and various other essential business assets.


BiblioSuite's unique deduplication capability can reduce your required storage footprint by up to 75%, while ensuring all data is securely saved and backed up for your peace of mind.

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Secure collaboration with anyone, anywhere

BiblioSuite empowers your team to access, share, and collaborate on files from any location. Equip your Sales, Publicity, and Rights teams with the ability to grant external partners secure, read-only, time-limited access to selected assets.


Optimize internal operations by previewing and annotating PDFs, automatically converting and adapting files into different sizes and formats, commenting and approving, and sharing files through links, invitations, or FTP deliveries—all within a single, familiar interface. BiblioSuite elevates your efficiency and security, setting a new standard for collaborative tools and asset distribution capabilities.

Enhance your digital workflows with advanced technologies

A robust workflow engine, advanced search and automation capabilities ensure managing digital assets becomes effortless.


BiblioSuite effectively integrates file management into everyday publishing tools via a single interface, enhancing tasks such as metadata updates, asset approval workflows, creation of marketing content, and the distribution of files and metadata, both internally and externally.


With BiblioSuite, build automated workflows, confidently manage versions and access rights giving you complete control of your digital assets.

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Revolutionize your digital asset workflow with the latest addition to BiblioSuite

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Learn why publishers are using BiblioDAM

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