Easily manage multiple formats,
non-book products and merchandise

Biblio runs the publishing workflows for esteemed children's publishers including Macmillan, Walker, Candlewick, Bonnier and Usborne.


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Why children's publishers choose Biblio

Support for Book and Non-Book Products

Easily handle multiple formats including e-books and audiobooks, packs and non-book products such as point of sale, toys and apps with synchronization between records, automatic ISBN allocation, support for industry standards and price templates.


Manage your safety-testing from within the system, record testing progress and store certificates against each printing to ensure important documentation is always readily available. Use the powerful reporting tool to collate safety test information quickly across a range of titles.

Complex Royalty Calculations

From joint-accounting for multiple titles to multi-currency advances and deduction tracking, Biblio can process the most complex royalty calculations.

AI Sheets and Catalogs

With all your title information in one place, generating title information sheets and catalogs becomes a simple, automatic process. Export your metadata in CSV or XML format to your catalog or rights guide templates in InDesign or Word.

Co-Editions and Co-Printings

Organize your co-print and co-edition printing easily. Link costs to automatically define pro rata print costs and account for savings on press. Combine print specifications and schedules as needed and raise just one purchase order for all titles printing together.

Seamless Integration

Utilize standard interfaces to common retailers, distributors and systems, and use out-of-the-box outputs for websites and other systems.


weeks per year saved in preparing catalogs


David Bremser, IT Director, Candlewick Press

We reviewed a number of options for achieving our goals, including
re-developing existing systems and purchasing an off-the-shelf solution. Virtusales provided us with more benefits along with a much greater depth in functionality.

Laptop Work

Shane Hegarty, Head of Operations, Bonnier Zaffre

It's a fully integrated system proven with market leaders and that is really key for us, we need to have stability and know that the system has buy-in from big players.

Web Consultation

David Bremser, IT Director, Candlewick Press

Biblio3's capability to support catalog creation has saved us 12 weeks a year to produce our frontlist, backlist and gift catalogs.

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Virtusales has offices in Brighton, New York, Ottawa, Munich and Melbourne. Get in touch today to speak with one of our publishing consultants or book a demo of our Biblio suite of publishing software.


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