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BiblioSuite supports Oetinger’s transition to modern media house

The official logo of Verlagsgruppe Oetinger, with the publisher's logo - a boy and girl riding a flying bird - next to its name, with "Verlagsgruppe" written in grey, capital letters, and "Oetinger" beneath in blue, italicized font.

Verlagsgruppe Oetinger selected BiblioSuite to support its transition from book-centric publisher to a media house of the future. Streamlining the management of the publisher’s digital assets, including audio and video files, BiblioSuite has enabled Oetinger to store and synchronize all its product data, assets and files in a single system using BiblioSuite DAM as its centralized repository—thereby improving the visibility and accessibility of its assets companywide; saving staff time and resources; and empowering the publisher to generate more income from its IP, enrich its assets with product-related metadata, and ultimately enhance its relationship with business partners.

“BiblioSuite supported our transition from book-centric publisher to a media house of the future.”

The Challenge

With a diverse publishing portfolio including print, audio, and digital media products, Oetinger’s pre-existing digital asset management solution, which was developed solely for printed books, was no longer a good fit. The publisher needed an advanced, adaptable and fully-integrated asset management system that could cater for a variety of file formats, including audio and video, to effortlessly meet its business partners’ varying requirements as well as evolving industry requirements, now and into the future.

The Solution

By implementing BiblioSuite as its central digital asset management system and migrating its audio and video files to the system, Oetinger has streamlined its workflows and significantly increased its productivity. As well as introducing secure storage, improved access to files internally, and enhanced file-sharing functionality to Oetinger, BiblioSuite has empowered the team to automatically convert audio files (from WAV to MP3 format), replacing a previously manual, time-consuming and error-prone activity with a seamless, automated workflow that accelerates audiobook file supply and gives the publisher greater control over its assets and their security, the files and formats shared, and the frequency they are shared with its webshop and business partners.

“BiblioSuite DAM securely stores audiobook files and product data, automating the transfer of data and images to our webshop and external sales platforms.”

Prior to BiblioDAM, Oetinger’s conversion workflow involved both the Media Product and Digital Sales teams, with the former team receiving the WAV files from the recording studio, converting them to MP3 with siloed software offline, and storing them on a server. The digital sales department would then be notified via email about the converted files before manually renaming them and uploading them to the relevant business partners’ platforms.

Now, WAV files are uploaded to Biblio via a pick-up folder, and automatically converted to MP3 as part of the upload process. Oetinger can specify the required format, sampling rate, bitrate, and number of channels by selecting from a list of pre-configured categories tailored to each of its business partners, and the relevant metadata for each file is synchronized to the product record at the Edition-level—making it possible to filter and report on this information across multiple products. Overnight, the defined asset packages are then transferred to third party sales platforms, streaming services and download platforms via ONIX or asset schedulers.

“We store all our audio files in Biblio, including master files, streaming formats and marketing samples.”

The Benefits for Verlagsgruppe Oetinger

  • Structured and secure storage that eliminates server chaos.

  • Comprehensive insights into file quantity, completeness, quality, and usage.

  • Automated conversion of WAV files to MP3, enabling a seamless transition from one format to another for compatibility with a range of third party platforms.

  • Streamlined transfer of assets to its online store and external platforms with optimized quality control.

  • Enhanced metadata synchronization, enabling better categorization and reporting of assets, and reducing the keying and rekeying of metadata companywide.

  • Seamless integration and efficiency, replacing FTP sites and email correspondence with a workflow that permits business partners to upload and download files directly to/from Biblio.

  • Integrated player for audio and video files, enabling direct playback of audio and video files within the system; enabling Product Managers to review tracks without the need to download each file.

As Verlagsgruppe Oetinger continues its journey towards becoming a dynamic media house, BiblioSuite remains a pivotal tool for transforming its digital workflows for the future. The publisher is now looking to work with the Virtusales team to harness BiblioSuite’s rights management solution.

If you would like to find out how BiblioSuite’s single, centralized system can better your publishing workflows, get in touch.


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