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Digital Asset Management

The Benefits of an Integrated System

Over the past two years there has been an insurgence of businesses implementing Digital Asset Management (DAM) software. This has largely been driven by the increasing demand for content, and for it to be delivered through multiple channels, sometimes tailored for specific retailers or consumers. Managing the sheer quantity of content (metadata and assets) that publishers are having to create, curate and share, brings challenges in itself, but there is also the added complexity of having to produce multiple versions in digital and print formats. To exacerbate the situation even further, publishers were forced to find cloud storage solutions during the COVID-19 pandemic to support their teams working from home.

This paper explains why forward-looking organizations are implementing DAM systems now, and explores the reasons why your organization should follow suit in order to:

  • Facilitate the creation of content through review, approval, workflows, and integrations with creative toolsets;

  • Improve collaboration between colleagues and third-party suppliers;

  • Reduce production costs for content creation;

  • Increase operational efficiency; and

  • Improve rights management and compliance.

Read the paper now to understand the extent to which a fully-integrated DAM system can help to boost your publishing organization's productivity.

Registration is free of charge, and you will be re-directed to the paper upon submission of your registration form.

If you'd like to speak with a publishing specialist about how BiblioDAM can help you to gain complete control over the creation and distribution of all your digital content, please contact us.


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