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Introducing the next generation of publishing software for optimizing workflows: the Biblio Suite

Updated: Jun 7

We are pleased to announce the launch of the new Biblio Suite of publishing software, incorporating 20 years of publishing experience and powerful functionality into a brand new system that uses the latest technologies from Microsoft and Google, with collaboration and feedback from over 100 publishers.

Released to all Biblio customers as an inclusive upgrade, the new Biblio Suite provides a completely rejuvenated, best-of-class system, enabling publishers to roll out new workflows and dashboards within their current system's landscape and upgrade their processes whilst avoiding the disruption and cost of a full ERP implementation.

Fully integrated, highly configurable and more than capable of meeting the constantly evolving needs of its customers (both now and in the future), the new Biblio is an all-in-one system which provides best-of-class solutions for publishers and content providers alike. Featuring a brand new, intuitive user interface and range of dashboards to improve user experience and increase productivity, the new Biblio supports any saleable product - from physical books to digital content, journals, merchandise and licenses - plus a wide range of identifiers (including those beyond the traditional ISBN).

Using the latest frameworks and technologies from Microsoft and Google, combined with Virtusales’ 20 years’ experience working with forward-thinking publishers across the globe, the new award-winning Biblio delivers the most advanced publishing system currently available on the market. The Biblio Suite of solutions focuses on key publishing processes and enables publishers to roll out new workflows within their current system's landscape, fully optimizing workflows to increase efficiency and productivity while also avoiding the disruption and cost of implementing new software.

As Biblio customers will attest to, it really is like gaining a new system without the pain of implementing one, providing publishers with integrated solutions that can:

  • Automate and accelerate the financial modelling and forecasting process, fast-tracking the decision to publish;

  • Support the management of metadata to improve the accuracy, quality and reach of bibliographic information for any physical or digital product;

  • Enable the maintenance of complex costings and schedules at every stage of production including raising POs, managing suppliers and monitoring workflows;

  • Better manage the entire rights workflow from submissions, advances and subsidiary rights income to third-party permissions;

  • Facilitate the planning, tracking and sharing of promotional activities including the creation of AI sheets; and

  • Improve the calculation of complex royalties (in multiple currencies) and generate statements on demand.

Philip Turner, CEO of Virtusales Publishing Solutions, said:

“Our goal has always been to be the trusted partner that allows publishers to focus on the business of publishing and not to need to worry about changing requirements of legacy software.

This major upgrade combines the latest technology with rich functionality to support the complexities of today’s publishing, delivering an ultramodern publishing system without the disruption or cost of implementing new software. The new Biblio Suite is keenly awaited by thousands of users, and a customer base that appreciates the investments that Virtusales continues to make to its technology base.

After more than 20 years of investment, the Biblio Suite remains best of breed and at the leading edge for all types of publishing.”

To learn more and book a demo, visit:

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