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Grow Your Rights: Using Biblio to Maximize Income

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

Nosy Crow, an award-winning, independent children’s publisher, implemented BiblioRights in 2019 to bring greater efficiencies to its rights processes and gain a single, centralized and fully-integrated system for sharing information between departments.

By embracing the flexible and highly-configurable Biblio Suite of publishing software, Nosy Crow’s rights team has:

  • Increased the visibility and accuracy of its rights data internally, bettering cross-departmental collaboration and the sharing of its rights information;

  • Gained a comprehensive overview of both its current and past rights deals, enabling the team to make better, more informed decisions based on Nosy Crow’s own historical information; and

  • Saved time (both in completing administrative tasks and preparing for book fairs) and reduced human error through the implementation of optimized and automated digital rights workflows.

“Having a centralized system has hugely increased our efficiency as rights sellers. [...] We went from 770 documents to processing 4 reports per fair in Biblio, while retaining exactly the same information, which is a significantly more effective use of our time.”

Erin Murgatroyd, Rights Manager, Nosy Crow

Watch this webcast on demand - presented by Erin Murgatroyd, Rights Manager at Nosy Crow - to see how Nosy Crow has used Biblio to improve its rights management, grow its rights sales and ultimately maximize its income.

Registration is free of charge, and you will be re-directed to the video upon submission of your registration form.

If you'd like to speak with a publishing specialist about how Biblio can help your organisation to grow its rights, please contact us.


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