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Biblio is the system of choice for publishers selling physical, digital and rights

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

Leading multi-format publishers are extending their product range by re-packaging their content as physical and digital products, rights and licenses, to maximize the revenue from their IP. A growing number of them are turning to the Biblio suite of publishing software from Virtusales to support them.

In recent years there has been an increasing drive for digital products and more complex ways of delivering high value to customers. To support this, publishers are identifying the need for systems and efficient processes to support the ideation, planning and development of the full range of products, including physical and digital formats, rights and licenses. The Biblio suite of publishing software from Virtusales is repeatedly being selected as the publishing system of choice for leading, multi-format publishers.

One such large academic press had a complex systems landscape, containing a number of highly customized and disparate systems that were unable to support digital products, and the lack of seamless workflows was creating inefficiencies and an increased risk of data issues.

The search for a unified, global publishing system commenced and the Biblio3 suite was selected. The press chose Virtusales’ financial modelling, cost management, purchase ordering and scheduling solutions from the Biblio suite to run the production processes for multiple countries, creating consistency and efficiencies across the organisation.

Biblio went live for phase 1 within 12 months and was rolled out globally over the next 18 months, creating a modern and harmonized spine of production workflows, with all processes captured in Biblio, giving the academic press the ability to:

  • Support all products using any industry standard or proprietary non-ISBN identifier

  • Manage the appraisal and investment proposals workflow from acquisition through to reprints

  • Model digital products faster using templates

  • Forecast sales over multiple years

  • Unite business divisions for 2,000 users across six countries

  • Minimize the risk, cost and disruption of implementing a traditional ERP system

The publishers currently using Biblio to manage the forecasting and estimating, costs, suppliers and purchase orders, and scheduling for their full range of books, journals and digital products include:

  • Oxford University Press

  • Bloomsbury Academic

  • Hodder Education

  • Macmillan Publishing

  • Harvard University Press

  • Princeton University Press

  • Penguin Random House

  • World Health Organisation

  • International Labor Organization

  • Cornelsen

  • Aschehoug Forlag

  • And many more…

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