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Change Management: Amid Unrelenting Change

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

Do you want to improve how to navigate change within your publishing organisation?

Written by Patricia Stockland, Founder and CEO of Kind World Publishing and Consulting, LLC., this white paper provides practical guidance on embracing opportunities in our new world by identifying areas of your publishing business that would benefit from change and how to implement positive changes.

Covering a number of common challenges seen across publishing, this paper provides a collection of discovery exercises to help identify what changes your particular business needs. It also provides the opportunity to reflect on how to communicate more authentically and execute on greenlit changes within your company or team. 

The three straight-forward takeaways for managing change are: communication, simplification, and team empowerment. 

You can also download our free Checklist For Change to accompany the Change Management White Paper and help guide you through identifying areas of your business that would benefit from change. 

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