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Convert existing ONIX 2.1 files to 3.0 with Biblio's ONIX Conversion Tool

Updated: Jun 7

Using our stand-alone solution, publishers can upgrade their existing ONIX 2.1 files to 3.0.

Biblio can easily ingest existing ONIX 2.1 files or Excel templates and return ONIX 3.0 files that can be sent directly to Amazon, CoreSource and other retailers.

Using the Biblio ONIX Wizard, publishers can ensure all their data is correct through alerts about missing or required data, troubleshooting validation issues against individual trading partners and by receiving a preview of the Title Data in ONIX 3.0 format prior to sending.

Other key features of this bespoke solution include:

  • The ability to easily schedule or generate ONIX feeds and preview ONIX product records for one or many ISBNS.

  • Tailored feeds for individual trading partner preferences.

  • Ability to select specific price types and regions for inclusion in ONIX files.

  • Ability to distribute jacket images and eBook files.

  • Existing title information can be used to quickly and automatically create title information sheets.

  • Biblios' reporting functionalities allow publishers to track their ONIX feeds, view key metadata held against a title and output data in multiple formats such as XML, CVS or XLS.


"ONIX 3.0 isn't new, but it is the fact that Amazon is switching to ONIX 3.0 whcih will make it a necessity for publishers. BiblioLIVE has allowed existing customers to send ONIX 3.0 files for over 5 years and this new service allows any publisher who hasn't moved to ONIX 3.0 to continue sending data to Amazon and others seamlessly."

Rodney Elder, Executive Vice President, North America,

Virtusales Publishing Solutions


Read more about how Biblio can help you convert your ONIX 2.1 files to 3.0 or get in touch with a publishing experts to find out more.

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