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Maximising IP: Incorporating Audio into Your Publishing Processes

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

Rodney Elder, EVP North America, discusses how to embrace the audiobook boom and maximise the potential of your IP by incorporating audio into your pre-existing publishing processes. The webinar was hosted and introduced by Digital Book World's Bradley Metrock. 

Bradley Metrock, CEO of Score Publishing and founder of the VoiceFirst.FM podcast network, introduces Rodney Elder as he discusses how publishers can incorporate audio into their preexisting processes. Rodney Elder, North America Executive Vice President at Virtusales Publishing Solutions,  consider how the audiobook boom feeds into the larger, ever more prominent question: how can publishers make the most of existing efficiencies and maximise the income they receive from their IP? Rodney provides insights into how an end-to-end software solution, like Virtusales’ Biblio suite, can simplify the integration of audiobook production into a publisher’s established workflows, adding a new dimension to a works’ lifecycle.

Bradley Metrock is CEO of Nashville-based Score Publishing, founder of the popular podcast network VoiceFirst.FM and creator of the VoiceFirst series of events. Metrock also co-founded the industry association VoiceFirst.Community, and has become a thought leader in AI and voice technology. Metrock is also the producer of Digital Book World, an annual event which gathers together the wide world of publishing, from trade to academic to independent to educational to corporate publishing, and all the tech companies that serve these publishers.

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