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Virtusales delivers the highest standards for security and privacy

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

How secure is your data?

As organizations continue to move more of their systems and critical business information into the cloud, they are looking to their software providers for reassurance that their data is safe and secure.

Virtusales delivers the highest standards

Virtusales is thrilled to announce its successful recertification for ISO 27001, demonstrating our commitment to delivering the level of security required by some of the world’s largest publishers and content providers. This three year Recertification Audit took place over five days and involved the same level of detail as the original certification, exploring our ongoing commitment to continually providing enterprise-class information security, cyber security and privacy protection. Achieving recertification is a fantastic accomplishment.

Further merits of our compliance efforts include:

  • Successful penetration testing conducted by a CREST accredited and STAR certified cyber security company.

  • ISAE 3402 accreditation.

Our continued commitment to your information security

An ISO 27001 certification provides independent validation of our ongoing commitment to world-class security and privacy, as well as our dedication to helping our customers with their own compliance efforts. By meeting the rigorous standards outlined by ISO 27001, we demonstrate our ability to protect and respect our customers’ critical business information and their users', authors' and partners' privacy.

  • Single-tenant cloud deployment: Ensures your BiblioSuite system is securely isolated.

  • Role-based access: Granular role-based access controls with a complete audit log.

  • Single sign-on: SSO via SAML 2.0 or your preferred identity provider.

  • Multi-factor authentication: Two-factor authentication via SMS or Authentication App.

  • Ongoing assurance: Regular audits and penetration tests for ongoing assurance.

Deployment options for any requirement

Virtusales meets the information security requirements of world-leading publishers, including three of the big four, with multiple deployment options providing both the flexibility you want and the security you need.

  • Virtusales’ fully managed hosting guarantees the infrastructure is configured specifically for BiblioSuite and is maintained for optimal performance. Virtusales offers the option of both its own complete cloud platform, as well as partnering with industry leaders such Azure and AWS.

  • Single-tenant cloud deployment in your choice of AWS, Google or Microsoft Azure.

  • On-premises deployment offers the greatest control over your data protection.

Contact us to learn more.


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