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Virtusales Publishing Solutions wins IPG GBS Services to Independent Publishers Award

Updated: Jun 7

We are delighted to win the IPG GBS Services to Independent Publishers Award and would like to say a huge thank you to the IPG and our customers who have worked so closely with us over the years and made an important contribution to our success.

Phil Turner, CEO of Virtusales Publishing Solutions shared his gratitude for the nomination:

On behalf of the Virtusales team, I am honored and delighted to accept this award… I’d like to thank the Virtusales team for their hard work and endeavours that make this award possible and the IPG for their tremendous work in supporting independent publishers within the supply chain. Thank you.

He also announced that Virtusales will begin rolling out the latest technology platform to its customers later this year. The new platform has been three years in the making and will ensure Biblio users can be confident that they are using a system that is at the forefront of technological advancement.

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